Case Studies


Discover recent examples of how we have helped our clients navigate complex issues, create value and achieve high performance.

Digital Retail

About the client:
Our client is a leading solution provider for the business needs of the Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Retail, and Hospitality industries. With 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries, it provides enterprise software solutions enabling companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.

Business Requirements:

  • To bring technology competency to the retail CRM solutions by upgrading and migrating legacy systems to the latest Microsoft technology through reverse engineering.
  • To leverage the partner’s expertise in its business domain by providing quick scale-up options and absorbing the growing IT solution needs.
  • To meet end-to-end testing needs for products.

Solution Highlights:

  • Implementing reverse engineering of the existing products.
  • Upgrading the products to cater to the latest technology needs.
  • Developing and integrating new and enhanced features.
  • Completing the UI revamp of the CRM system.
  • Building backend processes for customer data management, analytics, and integrated business workflows.
  • Ensuring end-to-end testing of products to meet quality assurance needs.

.NET Framework 3.0, C#, MSSQL Server 2008, and SSRS 2008

About the client:
The client is an application service provider offering hosted solutions to manufacturers and their partners for savings of as much as 60% off the cost of supporting commerce and related IT infrastructure in-house. The client had two separate platforms that were built using different technologies, were designed or built separately, and had their own objectives to be met.

Business Requirements:

  • To migrate the ASP platform into Java with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) orientation.
  • To execute loose coupling of the platform written in ASP for better efficiency because it had a large part of business logic written in the form of stored procedures and thus were tightly coupled.
  • To clearly distinguish the business logic layer from the presentation layer to make the code scalable and maintainable.

Solution Highlights:

  • Creating services (SaaS model) wherever clear distinction between the business logic and the presentation layers exists.
  • Focusing on those areas that do not have clear distinction but need rework or refactoring to convert them to services.
  • Creating services such as infrastructure services, atomic services, and aggregate business services from scratch and deploying these in a cloud environment.

Java/J2EE, .NET, Data integration Web services, SQL Server SSIS, and SOA

About the client:
The client is a privately held company founded in 2000. The company’s mission is to ‘connect organizations into business-to-business (B2B) trading networks’. The solutions offered are culmination of decades of experience in business trading, and they serve a comprehensive array of trading organizations. Whether your organization is a major or an SME supplier, a manufacturer or a distributor, a retailer or a major purchaser, or even a consumer, its solution suite supports and rationalizes trading relationships and transactions.

Business Requirements:

  • To execute dynamic B2B integration that can automate business processes encompassing a diverse range of packaged products
  • To develop a complete solution of the Web-hosted accessible system that offers self-service modules, shielded by a number of security layers, including firewalls, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-based Single Sign On (SSO) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as a service in the form of ‘software-as-a-service’
  • To leverage the partner’s expertise to its business domain by providing quick scale-up options and absorbing the growing IT solution needs

Solution Highlights:

  • Integrating the client’s Web solutions and JD Edwards ERP System with buyer through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration
  • Creating connectors for different buyers as per the standard specified
  • Maintaining the core framework of Web application and BizTalk integration
  • Performing end-to-end testing of products to meet quality assurance needs

JNDI, Java Servlets, Java (J2EE), Java mail and JavaBean™, JDBC, JSP, XML, ASP™, and LDAP, Microsoft BizTalk 2006 and BizTalk Accelerators for RossetaNet

About the client:
Client is one of the most trusted Internet retailers online. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high level of professionalism, product dependability, and competitive prices are reasons that underline its success in the auto industry. Through the years of providing superior quality automotive parts and accessories nationwide, the client has been distinguished as one of the most established auto parts retailers online.

Business Requirements:

  • SOA ready platform for their legacy application
  • Re-factor the code to use object-oriented features of PHP 5 and My SQL 5
  • Enhance role based access security (One entry gateway for management and BPO needs)
  • Payment gateway to be centralized.
  • Enhancing eCommerce platform to design a common platform and convert their modules to services to cater to their large base of customers.

Solution Highlights:

  • Implementation of Business Access Layer and Data Access layer for supporting service oriented architecture.
  • Creation of Central Payment Gateway – A separate WebService based CPG that will process request of all kind of payment processing such as Pre-Auth, Delay Capture, Charge, Void, and Credit from several processors.
  • Built an enterprise eCommerce platform comprising of services development, widget development and admin panel to support multi-tenant web stores.

PHP 5, PEAR PHP_Unit, Javascript, SOAP, MySql 5.0, WebServices, .Net 3.5, WCF

About the client:
Client is one of the most trusted Internet retailers online. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high level of professionalism, product dependability, and competitive prices are reasons that underline its success in the auto industry. Through the years of providing superior quality automotive parts and accessories nationwide, the client has been distinguished as one of the most established auto parts retailers online.

Business Requirements:

  • To design and implement a comprehensive solution readiness approach and framework for various data sources.
  • To ensure that global solution deployment is managed in a centralized and consistent manner, providing a hub for the spokes of the subsidiary.
  • To develop a reporting solution to provide scalability, comprehensive analysis to assess the impact and ROI of the client’s operational performance.

Solution Highlights:

  • Building a platform to bring all these different data sources on one platform and creating a robust data warehouse using Datamart and Cubes.
  • Reporting based on Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) using complex Media Data Extended (MDX) queries.

.NET and ETL using SSIS 2008

About the client:
Our client is a leading, enterprise wide open software solutions provider. These solutions are designed to enable food retailers in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retail market sectors to respond to competitive market requirements and changing consumer preferences. These software solutions cover a wide range of retail applications including easy-to-use, comprehensive point of sale (POS) and back-office store systems that may be combined with the corporate host system.

Business Requirements:

  • To develop, enhance, and maintain various components of the client’s end-to-end retail POS solution.
  • To meet end-to-end testing needs for products.

Solution Highlights:

  • Configuration and integration with peripherals: Cash register, card scanning, printers, check scanning, and weighing scales, among others.
  • Customization: In addition to traditional POS functions related to product and price, customization to enable customer loyalty card scanning and promotional pricing. among others
  • Integration with backend applications: Receive daily and hourly product and price updates and provide sales extracts for sales audit and analytics and triggers for inventory updates based on items sold, among others.
  • Retail mobile applications: This was a mobile version of the in-store applications that also included certain functions of POS. The key objective of this solution was to enable store personnel to capture the entire inventory updates and purchase order transactions in real time while they are on the floor.
  • End-to-end testing of products to meet quality assurance needs.

VB6, MS SQL Server, MS .NET, SSRS, and MS Access.


About the client
Client is one of the leading Japanese e-commerce and Internet Company based in Japan. They run one of the largest B2B and B2C e-commerce platform which is one of the largest platforms globally in terms of sales.

Business problem
Client was looking to strengthen its market position in Japan by creating a single, global e-commerce platform to accelerate expansion into new geographic markets across various geographical regions. To achieve this, client was looking for a partner who could provide technology solutions, value-addition by providing consulting services, and effective testing with good quality, which would help it to launch a new marketplace in minimum time and with high quality.

The ultimate goal of the client was the following: 

  • Launching a new marketplace and  confirming the requirements in minimum time and with high quality
  • Releasing country specific malls in a short duration including all new features and enhancements

Business solution
Cybage completed the following:

  • Implemented and enhanced the Application Programming Interface (API) architecture by following best practices 
  • Utilized API development expertise with specialization in the e-commerce domain to ensure that high quality delivery was achieved within the timeframe
  • Analyzed and implemented various development tools and methodologies that could enhance quality, shorten the development time, and help the customer to get best and accurate results in least possible time
  • Enhanced project processes and implemented Scrum, which provided high visibility and improved productivity with other benefits of Agile methodology

Business functions
In the B2B and B2C business model, merchants located in different regions can come together to form an online virtual shopping mall. The main profit sources are fixed fees from merchants and fees based on each transaction and other services.

Business impact
The e-commerce platform hosted around more than 20 APIs which enabled merchants and shoppers to interact with each other. Some of these served the following functionalities: 

  • Order management
  • Campaigns and promotions
  • Catalog management
  • Inventory management
  • Cross-border

API Orchestration:
APIs in the e-commerce platform were categorically divided into the following two parts: 

  • Open API

The REST APIs provided Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces for manipulating the concepts used by the overall project. Its function was mainly to provide a global interface for business services. It was primarily used by the marketplace and back-end systems. The Open API was an integrated Web Service API platform for merchants to exchange product, order, inventory, and other information programmatically. The service was not designed specifically only to few marketplaces but was applicable for all the marketplaces. The Marketplace Web services covered the following items to ensure that the data exchange was highly efficient and highly secured:

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Throttling
  • Web Service APIs
  • Documentation
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Production environment

The Open API was also used for migration to import and export data back and forth between different platforms and to-be migrated platforms (or marketplaces).

API strategy:
Client aimed to integrate both its platforms into one. This was to bridge the gap between internal and external marketplaces by creating a set of interfaces that standardized requests to and from internal and external marketplaces.

Tools and technologies:
Java, REST full Web services, Test Rail, Hibernate, JUnits or SOAP, MySQL, SVN, Git, Ruby, and BDD.

The client is a leading online e-commerce store and also provides a marketplace for other sellers to sell their products.

Business requirements:

  • Client was looking for a generic solution to manage and process data feeds which is sent and/or received from various content providers, affiliates, and popular websites in the form of multiple file formats. Data feeds mainly consist of product information, image links and pricing.  The affiliates could consume this information from the feed and build individual pages for each product, or put multiple products on each page.
  • Current process to add a new data feed for a new vendor was a tedious process and required changes in multiple applications. Admin panel was provided to manage the fields required by different service providers and to configure the settings.

Following were the business objectives:

  • The client needed to provide data feeds to various affiliates and vendors with the product information from the local database.
  • The client required an application to create and manage workflow rules defined for various affiliates.
  • The developed application needed to define feed specifications and transfer mechanism for various affiliates.

Solution Highlights:

  • Cybage ensured that the feed structure conformed to the rules mentioned in the solution specification.
  • Once the full-fledged feed was generated and met all the requirements mentioned in the solution specifications, we generated the files at the appropriate location and then the affiliates consume the file.
  • We performed end-to-end testing of applications to meet the Quality Assurance needs of the client.

.NET 2.0, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005

The client is one of the leading online providers of auto parts and accessories in the US and offers a wide range of high-standard replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories.

Business Problem  
The key systems of the organization such as Order Management System, Inventory System, Catalog System, Warehouse Management System, E-commerce websites, and Customer Service Console were developed in heterogeneous platforms such as PHP and Java. 
However, the following problems existed:        

  • The data or information communication among various systems was becoming increasingly difficult. A lot of redundant functionalities existed for inter-data communications for a single purpose
  • No standard way of communication or interaction between any two systems was in place.
  • No single repository of services was in place.
  • Interfaces were not extensible, and scalability was an issue.
  • Any changes in one system had unknown effects on other systems and attracted complete system regression, thus increasing the go-to-market timeline.

Business Solution – SOA Service Layer:   
While we evaluated several technology model solutions, we zeroed down on developing a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) model to address these problems while providing a scalable and extensible system to be consumed by the E-commerce ecosystem. The services in the SOA Service layer were available to systems across the organization with a well-defined access control mechanism and provided a common interface to get desired data from the required systems. For example, to get the Product information from the Catalog system, the SOA Service layer provided an interface that any other system could use. Hence, there was a single point of interface, and any changes made to the service were abstracted at the Service layer.   
The SOA-based Service layer had the following features:           

  • Orchestration: The SOA Service layer used orchestration to serve a business request and use the various available de-coupled service components to form a response as per the requestor’s need.
  • It was a technology platform that was language-agnostic. It used a standard way of communication over the web through web services with Representational State Transfer (REST)-based protocol and provided data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects format.
  • The Service layer architecture being service-oriented was highly extensible.
  • It offered a single repository for all the services. Any system could explore available services and use it. The scale-out option was possible and came out of the traditional scale-up model.
  • It provided a means for rapid development and quality check of the new services.

The following systems started consuming SOA services:

  • The E-commerce website used SOA services to:
    • Get product, brand, categories, attributes, assets, and pricing information. SOA services connected to the Catalog system to get the required information, message it, and send it.
    • Push orders to the downstream supply-chain system such as the Order Manager System.
    • Do My Account information management.
    • Get inventory information.
    • Introduce a content service that used NoSQL data such as MongoDB as the back-end storage and help in publishing contents on various sites.
    • Centralize the shipping calculation service.
    • Execute SEO services to manage various on-page SEO components.
    • Centralize the coupon system to allow publishing different coupons on a different web.
  • The Catalog system used SOA services to get inventory information and send it to the Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Mobile applications used SOA services to get all the product information and other Mobile Commerce-related information to manage the transaction life cycle and content syndication.


  • The SOA Service layer instances were deployed on multiple servers to serve traffic using the load balancer.
  • This layer was hosted on a private network of the organization and exposed through the proxy layer.
  • Memcache was used for service cache. This cache reduced the load on hardware and expedited the response.
  • The MongoDB database was used for access and error log.
  • The Service signature made services secure from any external sources.
  • The Custom Alerts system helped to find out failure in any systems and downstream systems.
  • The Service Discovery tool helped to easily find out available versions of services and methods under it.
  • The Dashboard displayed status of various dependent systems and replication status and current deployed versions.

Tools and technologies:       

  • PHP 5, REST, JSON, JavaScript, SOAP, My SQL 5.0, Mongo, Web Services, XML, Memcache
  • Red Hat Linux 4.x, Apache 2.0.52 

The client is a Japanese E-commerce company, has a global marketplace platform with presence in more than 25 countries.

Business problem
The client needed to:

  • Support same-day delivery within a defined time interval in a city that is the busiest crossing in Tokyo.
  • Enable its customers to be able to see the expected delivery time interval before placing an order.
  • A separate order and inventory management system to prevent any changes to the current system.

Business solution
To facilitate same-day delivery, the solution landscape consisted of the following:

  • Mobile commerce platform (iOS or Android) application for the customers to browse the catalog and place orders
  • Mobile delivery a logistics platform or (VAN) app (iOS only) for the delivery personnel to track and deliver orders
  • Inventory management portal or depot tool: A web-based utility tool to track and monitor inventory and supply
  • Azure AD: Active Directory-based authentication portal

Mobile commerce or customer app:
Cybage developed a bespoke iOS or Android application to enable the customers to perform the following functions:

  • Select a delivery area within a defined range from a dynamic map to check delivery time estimate
  • Browse the mobile catalog and select products for purchase
  • Place an order and process payment
  • Receive reminders on the status of the order and estimated time of arrival (ETA) on successful completion of orders
  • View past orders and browse order history
  • Register on the client’s portal

Logistics and delivery or VAN app:
Cybage developed a bespoke iOS application to enable the delivery personnel to effectively track and deliver orders. The application had the following features:

  • An interface displaying the list of active and delivered orders
  • Automatic adjustment of delivery time (ETA), depending on traffic conditions
  • The application sent delivery acknowledgement message
  • It displayed current stock information of the delivery vehicle and alerted the delivery personnel to restock from the warehouse in case inventory was low

Inventory management or depot tool:
Cybage developed a web-based portal to facilitate the inventory management process. Using this portal, the depot or warehouse managers could:

  • Update and maintain product catalog to be used in the mobile commerce application
  • Manage inward stock, re-stock, and warehouse replenishment
  • Track and monitor orders (such as reallocate, cancel)
  • Manage generic upkeep of the service environment

Azure AD:
Cybage hosted the application on Azure Cloud. Using Azure’s in-built Active Directory services, we developed authorization and authentication protocols to cater to the users of Inventory or Logistics applications.
We used MS Azure BLOB Storage extensively to upload and maintain images and other product attributes.

Tools and technologies:
iOS, Android, Azure, .NET, Web API, SQL Server 2012, JIRA, Confluence, TFS, Git, Jenkins

The client is a leading online e-commerce store and also provides a marketplace for other sellers to sell their products.

Business Requirements:

  • The main objective was to develop an enterprise-level email solution to replace the existing legacy email application and enable users to create and send email-based campaigns independently.
  • This new application sends promotional emails to the target customers, based on various business rules which will be configured from the settings page by administrator. It also provides a flexibility to create and design custom email templates using rich text editor.
  • Integration of new solution with the existing e-commerce website for sending transactional emails.
  • This was also integrated with their existing ecommerce website to use the new application for emails and other third-party service providers.

Solution Highlights:
The main components of the application are as follows:

  • User interface: To enable sellers to manage the template, segment, and campaign through this web application
  • Segments: To define the target audience based on several business rules
  • Templates: To manage, create, and send emails
  • Campaign: To manage the scheduling and launching of a campaign
  • Scheduled jobs: Scheduler services that actually send out emails
  • Integration: Integration with third-party service providers and internal applications

Customer benefits:

  • This web-based application replaced the legacy, small email applications and reduced the maintenance efforts drastically
  • It introduced automation in the campaign launching process. Campaigns could be launched at any given time, providing flexibility to set up campaigns at any time.
  • Three-step or easy-to-go campaign creation process (Define Segment -> Define Template ->Set Campaign Launch date)

NET 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, Telerik controls, third-party API for sending emails

The client is one of the leading ecommerce store specializing in high-quality cables, components, and accessories for computer and consumer electronics.

Business Requirements: 

  • The client needed to develop an e-commerce website for mobile browsers, specifically compatible with iPhone web browser (Safari).
  • The website had to be scalable and extendable for other browsers such as Chrome and Opera mini.
  • The client needed easy addition of new modules with minimal efforts.
  • For this new website, the client wanted to capitalize on the same core framework—developed in classic Active Server Pages (ASP)—that was used for the main e-commerce website and wanted to leverage the same for this mobile friendly website.
  • The solution had to capitalize on the latest Microsoft technologies such as .NET with MVC and this framework was also required to support the legacy backend tools used by the same Web services.

Business Solution:

  • Cybage set up and enhanced the existing customer base to include iPhone users, and improvised and aligned client requirements to their specific business needs and objectives.
  • We proposed a comprehensive ‘Entity-framework–driven MVC architecture’ and developed the solution as of date.
  • Cybage’s experience and expertise in the E-commerce domain helped the client to quickly refine the existing website requirements, despite the lack of adequate technical documentation.
  • Cybage’s expertise in catalog management solutions benefited the client, especially for enhancing the existing search functionality by recommending them to add auto complete and search suggestions.


  • Operating systems: iOS 4, iOS 3,  Windows  Phone 7.5
  • Frameworks and technologies: .NET 4.0, MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.0, C#, LINQ, jQuery, Ajax
  • Database: SQL Server 2008 R2


About the client: The client is a fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical company with a global presence. It develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of pharmaceutical products along with a variety of in-house products.

Business requirements: Drug-related information was shared with the regulatory and marketing stakeholders in the form of Excel sheets and the related documents as attachments in emails. The client lacked a centralized repository for information and hence, could not monitor the progress of various processes. Forecasting was not possible because data was not in a structured form. The client's Sales department lacked insight into the existing data; gaining access to this information was also a huge problem.

Solution: Cybage developed a fully integrated responsive portal with drug-related information, providing real-time and dynamic data to the concerned stakeholders. This portal targeted tablets and iPads and provided access to all the sales and management executives, even during their scheduled sales travels.

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint 2013, Knockout JS, SQL Server 2008 R2, jQuery

About the client: The client is a leading supplier of online assessment software to educational institutions, public sector employers, and commercial companies worldwide. Their products enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes securely and achieve successful learning outcomes.

Business requirements: The client’s mission is to provide the highest quality testing and assessment technologies. The challenge was that with multiple products in this range, marketing and selling the suite of products to end users was difficult in the absence of a unified solution, which reduced the effectiveness of the entire education process for the end users. The client was in need of a unified, powerful, stable platform that will encompass their suite of products and enable them to sell it as—Software as a Service. For this they needed a consultation and implementation partner to identify and strategize the roadmap for this new platform.

Solution: The Cybage Enterprise Consulting team was initially involved in a discovery phase where we understood the goals and objectives. Based on this, our team performed in-depth comparative analysis of available options and assisted the client in selecting the final platform. The output of this consulting exercise was a comprehensive report that focused on the following:

  • Listing of key features that the platform should provide
  • Functional and Technical Feasibility Study of available platforms
  • Mapping of features from available platforms to the requirements
  • Weighted comparison and analysis of available platforms
  • High-Level roadmaps for top three chosen available platforms in context to the business requirement
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Cybage Experts Involved: Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Portal Subject Matter Expertise, and Business Analyst.

About the client: The client is Asia’s leading provider of sustainable urban solutions and is uniquely placed to undertake urbanization projects spanning townships, mixed-use developments, and business and industrial parks.

Business requirements: Legacy solutions, manual processes, and lack of collaboration between multiple functions had started to impose limitations on scaling up of internal operations which are key to any business growth. There was a need to retire these legacy solutions and eliminate/limit manual process to empower the employees for various functions. There was a need for a process driven framework and operations that would streamline these issues.

Solution: Cybage was involved to assist in designing and automation of all functional processes that mapped across HR, Legal, IT, Finance, Operations, and Support Functions. Implementing Business Process Management (BPM) has showed significant success and contributed to improve operational efficiency, productivity, minimize human error, and monitor progress through analytics built over these processes.

Tools and technologies: K2 Blackpearl, SharePoint 2015, and MS.Net

Cybage experts involved: Solution Architects, Business Analysts, and K2 Blackpearl Experts.

About the client: The client, a renowned real estate firm based in Pune, has been creating premium residential and commercial projects since 1970. A full-service organization with in-house architects, engineers, and construction crew, the client has an in-house interior design division that helps design homes as per customer preferences.

Business requirements: The real estate industry is changing day by day and adoption of technology is rapidly increasing at various levels. With customer engagement and service quality becoming a crucial factor, the client wanted to implement a full fledge new generation customer support platform for its existing customers. This platform would have an end goal of improving and achieving highest ratings for the customer satisfaction. 

Solution: Cybage was involved at a very early stage of incubation of this platform. Cybage conceptualized and implemented a hybrid platform with a goal to increase connect and engagement, provide a channel for query resolution, issue management, and implement closed-loop back office workflows to improve efficiency and response time to the customer. Cybage designed and implemented the following: 

  • A modern, user-friendly, and compelling mobile app for the client's customers
  • A backend portal for the client's Customer Support and Servicing department
  • A dashboard and data slice-n-dice view of incoming requests and their progress to the client's executives to help them make informed decisions

Tools and technologies: Drupal, Phonegap, and Amazon Web Services

Cybage experts involved: Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Mobility Experts, and CMS Experts.

​About the client: The client is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed landfill gas analyzers and biogas analyzers.

Business requirements:

  • LOB application development for the client's service offerings
  • Swift development and delivery of product while accommodating the requirements of the client's customers
  • Resolution of defects while ensuring product reliability and integrity

Solution: Considering Cybage's proven strengths in executing projects, its technical expertise, and experience and domain knowledge of Manufacturing Resource Planning, the client decided to engage with us. The objectives of this engagement were as follows:

  • Development of new applications to manage specific needs
  • Addition of new functional workflows and redesign (for some of them)
  • Addition of business validations and redesign (for some of them)
  • Resolution of identified defects

Tools and technologies: C#, WinForms, WPF, WCF, QlikView, SAP Business Objects, Flex

About the client: The client is a financial advisory firm offering professional advisory services mainly in the Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Risk & Advisory Practice areas. It is a partner to many domestic and global Fortune 500 companies. It is ranked among the top Tax and Mergers & Acquisitions brands in Asia.

Business requirements:

  • Intranet portal to facilitate collaboration and knowledge management
  • Standardized processes and information to improve decision making and increase the productivity of employees
  • Data aggregation portals and personalized sub-sites for each of the client's customers. The number of sub-sites envisioned was more than 3,000 approximately

Solution: Cybage provided the following services to the client:

  • An Intranet portal to manage and fulfill collaboration and knowledge management requirements of the client
  • Consulting services and idea exploration for the envisioned requirement
  • Continuous managed services support after the completion and deployment of the portals

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint Online (Office 365), JSOM, jQuery, CSOM, MS PowerShell, provider-hosted apps

About the client: The client is a major two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company. It is the world's sixth-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the world's largest manufacturer of three-wheelers. The client is in business for more than 70 years. It has three lines of business—Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles (CV), and International Business (export of motorcycles and commercial vehicles). 

Business requirement: This requirement was for the Sales team handling the client's CV business. The client wanted to develop a web-based application for creating, reviewing, and simulating sales strategies according to numerous parameters and monitoring the compliance of these strategies. The client believed that this application will help increase the market share of its CV business segment, making it an industry leader in various parts of India.

Solution: Cybage understood the requirement, suggested a solution, and developed an Office 365 based application. For the application, Cybage did the following:

  • Made the application accessible to various stakeholders from the client's sales team, irrespective of their work location
  • Made the application configurable and role-based, enabling the Sales team to devise strategies and take actions depending on various pre-decided parameters

Using the application, the Sales team could compare its product marketing strategies against the competitors' strategies on various financial, operational, and economic parameters, giving the client a decisive advantage.

Tools and technologies: Office 365, AngularJS, TypeScript, Entity Framework 6.1.3, Web API 2.2, LINQ, MS SQL Server 2012

About the client: The client is one of India’s leading manufacturing company in the Electrical-Electronic space with a superior product range comprising of pollution control for coal fired power stations, security/enforcement, UPS systems for mission critical power back-up, Targeted Defense solutions, and Smart Traffic & Transportation.
Business requirements: The client wanted to undergo Digital Transformation to better align with IT. 
Solution: Cybage’s Enterprise consulting group engaged with the client to design and detail a two year comprehensive Digital Adoption Roadmap. During this consulting engagement we studied the existing challenges, current shape of the client’s IT environment and its impact on business goals, and the envisioned goals. The goal of this roadmap is to ensure that there is tight integration between business processes & IT, streamlining of applications, focused towards networked business models, build data/analytics for predictive capabilities, and empower business and the staff to leverage innovative technologies. Based on this information and through multiple consultative and brainstorming iterations with the client we came up with a Digital Adoption Roadmap to undergo this transformation. 
Following are some of the key activities and deliverables:

  • Brainstorming sessions and workshops with stakeholders at different levels.
  • Mind mapping and execution of 5W1H strategy.
  • Presenting a comprehensive view of the current state.
  • Recommendations for adoption of better technology platforms.
  • Detailed two year roadmap for Digital Adoption.

Cybage experts involved in this project: Business Analysts, Solution Architect, Digital Specialist, and Technology Architects.

About the client: The client is an Indian multinational conglomerate having diverse businesses that include natural resources, logistics, agribusiness, and energy sectors. The client is the largest port developer and operator in India and has grown to become a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals—natural resources, logistics, and energy.

Business requirements: The growth and diversity in business introduced operational challenges around collaboration, easy and secure access to information, centralized governance and compliance and efficient monitoring. The client wanted to develop an integrated enterprise-wide collaboration platform to encourage communication and knowledge management; enhance engagement; and streamline corporate alignment. The requirements included execution of a Consulting, Envisioning, and Designing phases for this proposed platform and creation of a set of technical & functional deliverables, guidelines, and user interface design for this platform based on which this platform could be developed in near future.

Solution: Cybage, through its Enterprise consulting group, engaged in a comprehensive Discovery and Envision phase. This phase focused on identifying and documenting the key business entities, actors, functional features, user personas, user journeys, technical features, environments, constraints, and eventually, creation of a detailed vision for this platform. The exercise involved engaging with various stakeholders from SMEs to CXOs to employees via workshops, brainstorming sessions etc.

Some of the key deliverables of this exercise were as follows:

  • Discovery and Workshop Observation Reports
  • Platform vision presentation with the envisioned UX designs
  • Scope document (functional and technical)
  • Detailed architecture design and recommendation document
  • Governance & Compliance Plans

Cybage experts involved in this project: A Business Analyst, a Solution Architect, a UX Specialist, a Usability Analyst

About the client: The client is Asia’s leading provider of sustainable urban solutions and is uniquely placed to undertake urbanization projects spanning townships, mixed-use developments and business and industrial parks.
Business requirements: The client required idea incubation and strategy development of a next-generation F&B service mobile app for its business and industrial parks. The objective was to provide a value-added service to the occupants and the F&B vendors that worked in these business parks, townships, among others. It was a germinal idea, which had to be converted into a mature vision and strategy. 

Solution: The Enterprise Digitalization and Consulting team at Cybage worked with the client to develop a clear strategy and nurture this idea into a detailed business proposition. This exercise involved setting up of workshops with stakeholders from various functions such as Marketing, customer experience, IT, Business Development, and Management. These workshops focused on educating, hand-holding, and driving the client team to define the roadmap, strategy, vision, business implications, user journeys, and technical and non-technical considerations for this idea. 

Following are some of the deliverables:

  • A detailed business proposition
  • High-level functional specifications
  • Evolution strategy for the app
  • User journey maps
  • Futuristic technology recommendations

Cybage experts involved in this project: Sr. Enterprise Consultants, Business Analysts, Solution Architect, and Mobility Experts.

​About the client: The client is India's largest and among the world's leading manufacturers of cement, one of India's largest producers of Ready Mix Cement (RMC) and the nation's largest producer of white cement.

Business requirements: Organization of the data—such as technical know-how, best practices, and subject matter expertise—generated at the client's multiple offices, plants, and units across the country and the globe had become difficult. It was important for the client to capitalize on the knowledge across the enterprise to improve the overall efficiency and profitability. The client wanted a knowledge management portal to achieve the above objectives and further wanted to integrate the portal with the existing HR and ERP solutions.

Solution: Cybage developed a fully integrated solution that provided a centralized document repository with an extensive search facility, a forum to share knowledge, and a provision to help users reach out to subject matter experts (SMEs). Cybage also automated the existing learning and knowledge-sharing processes in the organization.

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint 2013, jQuery, Seclore IRM, SAP integration, PeopleSoft.

About the client: The client is a leading provider of on-demand dealer management software and services for the automotive industry. It strives to enhance the efficiency and profitability of all the major segments of the Automotive Retail industry, such as dealers, lenders, OEMs, agents, and aftermarket providers.

Business requirement: Development of a line-of-business, web-based inventory management solution.

Solution: Cybage developed a framework that provided connectivity to pull real-time information from the Document Management System (DMS). The framework pulled data into the supplier's specific format, transformed it, applied business logic, and exposed it as standard messages. This framework hosted a large inventory of static content and provided UI-based inventory management capabilities. It exposed a full range of services to support search and trading flow. Cybage implemented a web-based Presentation layer to capitalize on the services provided by this framework.

Tools and technologies: MS .NET framework, Telerik controls, MS SQL Server, WebSphere ILogRule Engine

About the client: The client is a provider of value-added engineering services and products to the Wireless industry. It is the industry leader in post-processing and analysis of collected data and processes data collected anywhere in the world. The core business of the client is to collect all the information related to wireless voice and packet data for technologies such as GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, EDGE, HSPA, LTE, EVDO, and WiMax and send it to the server-side operational systems.

Business requirements: The client was facing the following business challenges:

  • Avoiding business and revenue losses due to decline in performance
  • Implementing automation to get rid of the manual intervention after transformation
  • Minimizing operational time and enhancing accuracy
  • Executing transformation or migration with zero business impact
  • Handling of geo-specific data

Solution: Cybage introduced the Identify Design Migrate Retire (IDMR) model to come up with the final transformation strategy. This process included analysis of the existing processes and systems for business process optimization, rationalization, and migration.

Adherence to the best practices for database server upgrade and data migration in a clustered environment was Cybage's key achievement in this transformation program.

Some key business results were as follows:

  • Increased user acceptance and customer satisfaction
  • Seventy percent cost saving due to application migration
  • Diminished operational time, increased accuracy, and 40 percent reduction in manual intervention (all these due to automation)
  • Reduced benchmarking report tuning from 3 hours to 15 minutes

Tools and technologies: Implementation of the IDMR model

Healthcare & Life Sciences

About the client:
A leading financial and clinical cloud- based BI solutions provider in the United States

Business problem:

  • Traditional processes
  • Manual interventions at every step
  • Delay in data processing
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Business solution:

  • Automated data cleansing and validation
  • Data warehouse
  • Star schema modeling
  • Optimization of the ETL tool
  • Performance tuning of SSIS and stored procedures
  • Error queue analytics

Process automation Business impact:

  • Optimized business processes
  • Brought about significant gain for the end client’s data ETL runtime
  • Had more than 50 percent time saved in ETL processing time and data load
  • Delivered 100 percent data accuracy
  • Ensured scalability of resources
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Tools and Technology:
SSIS, SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC Framework 

About the client: 
The client is one of the fastest extending pharmaceutical companies engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products globally. 

Business Problem:

  • Manual gathering and collation of data from various sections within the regulatory department
  • Lack of single platform to manage regulatory data
  • Increased waiting time in receiving answers to regulatory queries


  • Develop and implement single platform to manage regulatory information.
  • Implement 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Implement intuitive exploration of published regulatory records allowing expedited response to regulatory queries.

Tools and Technologies: 
ASP.NET, Knockout, SharePoint (SQL Server), jqplot, itextsharp(dll), Microsoft openxml SDK

About the client: 
Client is a professional consulting firm providing techno-functional services to research divisions of pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the forefront players in development and growth of the clinical trials Information Technology industry, spanning across drug randomization and inventory or shipment. 

Business Requirements:

  • Swift development and delivery of products while accommodating customer requirements
  • Defect fixing while ensuring product reliability and integrity


  • Extended development arm tightly coupled with the client IT team.
  • Product re-engineering.
  • Quick defect resolution using standard process.

Tools and Technologies: 
Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Angular JS), CSS, HTML and PostgreSQL

About the client:
The client is a leading provider of innovative patient flow management solutions in the Healthcare industry in USA. Industry: Healthcare Geography or regions served: United States Project team size: Peak team size: 19

Business problem: 

  • Redefining the patient flow to make it more consistent and scalable 
  • Improving performance by upgrading to newer technologies 
  • Upgrading the application framework platform 

Business solution: 

  • Developed and introduced features to allow flawless bed management, patient transfers from one bed or unit to another, transport, integration with call recording system, and all this for a multi-facility enterprise. 
  • We used the Decisions workflow platform to develop the product 
  • We successfully provided consultation in study business domain, conceptualized applications and features, handled the entire product life cycle including design, development, and QA testing 

Business impact: 

  • Reduced crucial time-to-market for new generation products 
  • Reduced dependency on other service providers 
  • Flawless execution of business workflows for multi-facility enterprise.

Tools and Technologies: 

  • Decisions framework 
  • .NET 4.5, MS Silverlight, Oracle 11g R2, MVC 4 
  • WAPT Pro 3.1, ANTS Profiler

About the client:
HealthCare INC is a leading medical billing, practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) service provider in United States. The product is a web based implementation based on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Currently the product serves around 1000+ small and mid-sized practices with 20,000+ providers. 

Industry: Healthcare – Provider Geography/Regions served: US Engagement Details: Peak Team Size: 50; Duration: In Progress 

Business Need: 

  • Make the system highly scalable and responsive 
  • Ability to interface with disparate healthcare systems like pharmacy, lab, payer. 
  • Need of a CRM application that can be integrated with the EHR and RCM systems

Business Solution: 

  • Scalability of web and database servers 
  • Optimized Responsiveness – Caching using memcached; preloading; materialized views; use of AJAX 
  • Interoperability with other systems – Mirth Connect - HL7 2.x, NCPDP, ANSI X12n interfaces; store-forward and real-time methods; 
  • Internal CRM application based on sugarCRM 

Tools and Technologies: 
Revenue cycle and EHR product

  • Application framework :- Apache::ASP
  • Web Server : Apache 2.0, mod-perl 2.0
  • Database server oracle 11
  • Programming language :- Perl 5.8
  • Interoperability Engine : Mirth Connect
  • Presentation layer : HTML, CSS, AJAX CRM
  • Application:- sugarCRM
  • Web Server : Apache 2.0, mod-php
  • Database server: MySQL 5
  • Programming language :- PHP 5
  • Presentation layer : HTML, CSS, AJAX

About Client: 
Client is a global provider of software and services to the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical Research companies. It offers novel and user-friendly software solutions for collecting and managing data. 

Business Requirements:
The client needed a robust, feature-rich and regulatory compliant Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) to support clinical trial management from Phase I through Phase IV.


  • Implementation of CTMS that supported all trials from Phase I through Phase IV, and scaled from a single site to multi-site trials.
  • Develop and test the application for adherence to regulatory requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and validation.

Microsoft Foundation Class Library, .NET Framework 4.0, Oracle 10 g, MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008, C#, VB 6, DevExpress, Telerik Rad Ajax Toolkit

About the client:
Our client provides Healthcare CRM and Physician Referral Market Analytics solutions.

Business problem: 
Our client wanted to enhance the flagship CRM application with conversion to web and popular mobile platforms.

Business solution: 

  • Technical consultation and development for SPA
  • Packaging the SPA using PhoneGap
  • Usability solutions
  • QA

Tools and Technologies: 
JavaScript frameworks (that is, jQuery, Durandal, Knockout.js, Breeze, Require.js), BootStrap, HTML5, CSS3, .Net MVC, Web APIs, Entity framework, and LINQ.

About the client: 
The client provides IT solutions and services to ACOs, PCMHs, TPAs, Disease Management (DM) organizations, and employer groups for managing wellness programs.

Business need:
Enhance the flagship suite of products to the following:

  • Improve insights into data for better decision making
  • Improve member engagement
  • Keep all stakeholders connected

Business solution:

  • Business Intelligence: ad hoc reporting, predictive modeling, and decision support
  • Online portal and mobile native apps for members
  • Secure health messaging
  • Usability

Tools and technologies:
 .NET 3.5 Framework, Titanium, SQL Server SSRS, SSAS, ComponentOne Report Designer, SVN, Adobe Photoshop, and RoboHelp

Marketing Services

The client leads hospitality group sales and distribution automation at the global level. They are committed to enabling service excellence, catering, and sales to its customers. Clients team members concentrate on offering a blend of technology and expertise to the customers facilitating them to attain their objectives.

Business Challenge
Inability to deliver reports generated by Client’s ASP hosted environment to printers at various locations across the globe
Inability to set up reports to printers

Business Solution
An architecture framework that provided report printing to various geographical regions
Development of Printer delivery extension for SSRS 2005
A configuration application to map reports to printers

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSRS

In the world of ever-changing digital market place, it is imperative for media organizations to transform their business processes. To meet your customers’ requirements, collaborating with an organization that has extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) and CRM domain helps you gain an edge over your competitors. The key to competitive edge in the entertainment industry is in understanding what entertainment products consumers prefer most and then designing a strategy to provide them to the consumers at a reasonable cost. A CRM system helps to gather this customer-centric data.
With our vast CRM and M&E domain knowledge, Cybage helps you by transforming your business models to adapt to the ever-changing digital age, sparing your human resources to explore new distribution channels and manage digitization.

Business Challenge
Our client’s end user data is distributed across Salesforce CRM application and the client’s proprietary application. 
For marketing and analysis purpose, the client wanted a contact management and data synchronization system which would provide consistency of data between the 2 systems.

Business Solution
We helped the client in doing this integration and created a component that sends information from its proprietary system to the Salesforce CRM application and mirrors the Salesforce data to the client’s local database. We implemented the following modules:

  • Partner Management
  • Custom IDE
  • Customer Support
  • Data Synchronization
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Migration & Validation
  • Leads Management
  • Contact Management & Notification
  • Sale Force Automation

Tools and Technology
Salesforce CRM, VC++, MFC, COM, VB, ASP, SQL Server, Win CE or Salesforce Web Service API version 8.0. , EJB 2.0, Axis 1.1, Oracle 9i, JDK 1.4, and JBOSS -3.2.5

In the world of ever-changing digital market place, it is imperative for media organizations to transform their business processes. To meet your customers’ requirements, collaborating with an organization that has extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) and CRM domain helps you gain an edge over your competitors. The key to competitive edge in the entertainment industry is in understanding what entertainment products consumers prefer most and then designing a strategy to provide them to the consumers at a reasonable cost. A CRM system helps to gather this customer-centric data.
With our vast CRM and M&E domain knowledge, Cybage helps you by transforming your business models to adapt to the ever-changing digital age, sparing your human resources to explore new distribution channels and manage digitization.

Business Challenge
The client is a leader in online gaming and entertainment services. 
Online gamers send various requests for service to the client. The client needed an effective contact management solution to track these requests, assign them to their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and track the request to closure.

Business Solution
We provided an end-to-end solution- the Global Petitioning System (GPS)- to serve as a custom CRM implementation that would allow the client’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to receive and address various kinds of ‘requests for service’ (petitions) from players of the online games. These requests would include complaints of false play, player bias, use of cheat codes, and unexpected system behavior, apart from other basic requests for code activations and service usage-related issues. We implemented the following modules:

  • Contact Management
  • Configurable Workflow & Rule Engines
  • Petitioning (Helpdesk)
  • Reports
  • Collaboration (IM)

Tools and Technology
Client proprietary CRM, J2EE, JMS, JSP, Applet, Oracle 8i, SoniqMQ JMS Broker, and Weblogic

Client’s Global Marketing Operations (GMO) provides strategic recommendations and tactical support to Marketing and Sales organizations to enable optimization of relationship marketing and revenue generation. GMO capitalizes on a number of analytic and technical databases and tools to make it possible to have a full changeover of marketing and sales from intuition-driven to quantity-driven processes and capabilities.

Business Challenge

  • Various reports presented different versions of the same information.
  • Scattered, redundant and inconsistent data.
  • Reporting measures accuracy issues
  • Lack of Central Reporting system
  • Report performance challenges

Business Solution

  • Effective implementation of Dimension model, Star schema data mart with  pre-calculated/aggregated data
  • Application of Data cleansing and integration techniques
  • Views/Index views for OLTP environment
  • Centralized reporting solution for Marketing and Sales department
  • SharePoint Dashboard and reports
  • Improved reporting performance and user experience

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

Client is a leading service provider in Information Technology. Client is working on a project to automate processes/activities in IT Project Management. The project has a dedicated team to serve internal needs from different departments. The data in the system is highly confidential and cannot be exposed to Dev or QA environment As-Is.

Business Challenge

  • To create a development and test environment where in the test data scenarios are close to production data/replicate production data, without exposing any sensitive information from the production database.

Business Solution

  • Development of Data scrambling / masking framework
  • Implementation of various data scrambling techniques on Production database to create Dev, QA test data
  • Configurable and reusable data scrambling framework

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL

Business Challenge
The Cybage Marketing team had adopted a proprietary CRM to keep track of the leads, points of contact, domain of the potential clients and significant insights into the existing accounts.
The issues with the existing CRM implementation were :

  • Rigid System
  • No scope for customization
  • Use of proprietary database thus having overheads on maintenance

To overcome these problems the marketing team was looking for an advanced CRM solution to bring innovation, technology competency, and automation and to leverage the CRM expertise to its Lead Conversion process.

Business Solution
With our expertise in MS Dynamics CRM and proper requirement study and design, we could easily provide solutions to all business problems faced by the marketing team. We implemented a MSD CRM solution giving the following advantages –
Process Optimization and Improvements (CRM specific)
Advance Customizations, Extensions and integrations
Advance/Specific Reports and Dashboard
All the above features enabled the BAs to get an accurate report and status of the leads
Streamlined process and better decision making information. We implemented the following modules:

  • Leads Management
  • Sale Force Automation
  • Data Migration
  • Dash Board
  • Outlook Integration
  • Analytics
  • Workflows

Tools and Technology
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, .NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, and Web Services

Cybage is a Travel & Hospitality technology partner empowering its clients to successfully embrace growing CRM challenges in building solutions that are business aligned and provide quick turnover to the market.

Business Challenge
The client was looking for a strategic consulting IT partner to bring MSD technology competency and leverage the partner’s expertise to its business domain by providing quick support, customization/extension for MSD, and absorbing the growing customer needs. 
The business need was to create various entities such as Meetings, Proposal, RFPs, and Business Data based on the opportunities available.

Business Solution
We provided an end-to-end solution in MSD CRM to cater to the client needs. We implemented the CRM solution along with customization to meet client specific needs. We implemented the following modules:

  • Opportunity Management
  • Event Requirement
  • Meeting Management
  • RFP Management & Integration
  • Guest Room Requirement
  • Automated Load Data Generation

Tools and Technology
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, .NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, XML, HTML, Web Services, JavaScript, and CSS

The automotive Retail industry in the United States has several providers of on-demand software and data solutions, and the client is one of these leading providers. Client product offers a lot of reporting capabilities to auto dealers. The reports offered give the dealers their sales, inventory, and appraisals-related figures along with other vital information, which help dealers run their business more efficiently

Business Requirements

  • Existing reporting solution is built on OLTP database
  • Complex business logic implemented in reports in OLTP environment results in performance challenges
  • Inability of users to take operational business decisions right in time due to unavailability of right information and unfriendly user interface of reporting solution.

Business Solution

  • Star schema based datamart design and  implementation
  • Pre-calculated/aggregated data layer
  • OLAP reporting solution based on cubes
  • Implementation of better report visualization techniques

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

At Cybage, we have a focused group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who have helped our clients from the Healthcare Industry such as Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Life sciences, among others to implement CRM products and services (from consultancy to support) to enable our customers in realizing and achieving their business objectives.

Business Challenge
The client needed a CRM product implemented as a client server system that allows solution implementers to rapidly create a customized solution. The need was to implement Partner Management and Customer Support modules primarily.

Business Solution
We provided an end-to-end CRM solution to cater to the client needs. We facilitated creating customized solutions using pre-created components with the help of a tool called Elk Designer.
Implementers rapidly create an implementation by dragging and dropping pre-created business components and user interface controls and writing glue code to tie them together. Apart from the viewer application and a web client, there is a client for handheld Pocket PC devices. We implemented the following modules:

  • Partner Management
  • Leads Management
  • Customer Support
  • Sale Force Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Custom IDE 

Tools and Technology
Client proprietery CRM, Visual Elk, MFC, COM, VB, ASP, SQL Server and Win CE

About the client:
The client is one of the largest independent magazine publishers in the world and publishes some best-known health and wellness lifestyle magazines. The client is also a leader in direct response marketing.

Business need:

  • The client was experiencing significant shortfalls in web traffic, which in turn was presenting a challenge when serving ads. To address this shortfall, the client approached Cybage to help increase its search and social visibility. 

Solution offered:

  • Cybage offered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the ideal solution that involved site-wide SEO audits and benchmarking, strategy report, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and keyword ranking and traffic reports.
  • Cybage undertook enhancements to the existing Drupal implementation for SEO friendliness.
  • Cybage helped optimize content to increase page ranks on search networks.
  • The SEO team created the timely progress report, task management report, and weekly status report to keep a track on the project progress.
  • The technical issues were resolved by correcting all the broken links and canonicalization errors, among others.
  • Cybage created metadata, alt tags, and h1 tags for the pages that were missing these elements and also for the sections provided by the client.
  • Cybage performed researching and building backlinks for the specified keywords and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) by the client to get relevant traffic and ranking for the targeted keywords.
  • Cybage developed the framework for using social channels to boost referral and organic traffic. 

Business impact:

  • Within the first page on Google’s search index, 94.5 percent keywords were ranked.
  • There were 90 percent reduced on-page errors.
  • There was 69.75 percent increase in organic traffic.
  • There was 44 percent increase in backlinks.
  • The client gained brand visibility and increased conversion ratio, Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking, and traffic.
  • The direct outcome of this was a significant increase in web traffic, thus allowing the client to meet advertising commitments. 

At Cybage, we have a focused group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who have helped our clients from the Healthcare Industry such as Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Life sciences, among others to implement CRM products and services (from consultancy to support) to enable our customers in realizing and achieving their business objectives.

Business Challenge
The client’s mission is to become the most trusted and effective business service provider to physicians. It is dedicated to offering healthcare providers a comprehensive answer to their practice automation, billing, and collection needs. 
To manage such a large customer base, the client’s main goal was customer retention and customer satisfaction; and hence, it decided to have its own custom CRM application to fulfill its goal.

Business Solution
We helped the client to build a custom end-to-end CRM application that is based on SugarCRM, an open source CRM system. We implemented the following modules:

  • Campaign Management
  • Data Migration & Validation
  • Leads Management
  • Workflows
  • Contact & Opportunity Management
  • Synchronization
  • Sale Force Automation
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Custom IDE

Tools and Technology
SugarCRM, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Ajax, Javascript, HTML

Client is a leading global media investment management company in the Media and Entertainment industry located worldwide. Client has its specialist services in various media and entertainment budget planning and optimization, which help in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensure better ROI.

Business Requirements

  • Huge amount of data and lot of manual intervention involved in verification, cleansing and formatting the raw data
  • Current process limitations in terms of large data transformations and processing
  • Traditional approach of data processing

Business Solution

  • Development of an ETL SQL framework
  • SSIS Implementation - Faster & Efficient data processing
  • Implementation of complex transformation logic using SSIS
  • Reusable data-cleaning programs, making future data updates from the same data sources in the similar formats fast and affordable.

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS

Client is a leading BI reporting vendor. The client delivers integrated BI solutions to all advanced and reporting analytical needs and business data queries and distributes insight to users on-the-go and at their desks. The client supplies the most robust, consummate solutions for BI to a very large number of technology and integration partners and customers across the globe.

Business Challenge

  • Complete ownership of Quality Assurance of vast and feature rich BI product to speed up the release cycles.
  • Need of Technical expertise for Widget Development.
  • Evolving development , quality assurance and documentation needs based on the dynamic market trend
  • Lack of Technical Documentation and User Manuals

Business Solution

  • Created the framework and processes for Quality Assurance of the product.
  • Quality Assurance of the product on variety of test configurations including
    • Server setup: Windows , Sun solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux (RedHat, Suse).
    • Web servers: Apache, IIS, IPlanet, Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Sun Java system application server, Tomcat etc.
    • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS access, etc
  • End to end QA right from Sanity, Regression , Acceptance, Compatibility, Documentation, Performance and Automation testing

About the client

The client is an American company that uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a variety of products, primarily in the Health, Beauty, and Home Care markets. Its product line includes home care products, personal care products, jewelry, electronics, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Business problem

The client wanted to augment its customer experience by providing an end-to-end order management system supported by multiple channels. The client realized that the existing systems were not sufficient to meet this requirement and hence had to be scaled up. 

The challenges faced by the current system were:

  • The client had a legacy commerce software solution with heterogeneous components in the ecosystem.
  • The client’s traditional multichannel retailing system adopted two or more channels to engage their customers. Hence, the client was not able to deliver a seamless and consistent message across multiple touchpoints.
  • Lack of customer touchpoints such as mobile and social media affected customer acquisition and conversion.

Business solution

Cybage helped the client to identify cross-industry best practices that would be appropriate in a multi-level marketing model. Based on these best practices, we provided the following services to the client: 

  • Assessed the maturity of the organization as compared to industry standards
  • Created interactive spider maps to identify gaps 
  • Helped the client shift from Multichannel retailing to Omnichannel retailing
  • Replaced the heterogeneous components in the ecosystem with a one-stop e-commerce platform
  • Integrated new customer management and billing platforms into a new business operation model 
  • Introduced new touch points and revenue channels through mobile commerce and in-store kiosks
  • Made the new application capable of end-to-end order management, thereby supporting all the organization channels

Business benefits

The client benefited immensely from the solution that provided a seamless brand experience across all channels. It also effectively integrated new customer management and billing platforms into the new business operation model. 

The key highlights of the business outcome are as follows: 

  • Customer acquisition increased to 10,000 visitors with 200 new registrations per day on an average.
  • 30,000 orders were received during peak month-end targets.
  • Revenue increased by more than 4,000 orders per day and the customer acquisition went up by more than 25,000 unique visitors on the website.
  • Customer retention was enhanced through Omnichannel experience.


Media & Advertising

About the client:
The client is a globally reputed mobile advertising exchange and provides advertising solutions to advertisers, agencies, mobile application developers, and publishers. Its platform offers a marketplace that is easy to integrate and incorporate. With support for Real-time Bidding (RTB) and Ad Mediation, it provides a highly optimized environment for publishers, advertisers, networks, supply side platforms (SSPs), and demand side platforms (DSPs) to manage ad inventory, targeting, and ad serving.

Business need:
The client required a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to help:

  • Develop an RTB solution that will help to bid for inventory across various SSPs, in addition to exposing own inventory for integrations with DSPs
  • Incorporate the OpenRTB guidelines and industry best practices for RTB auctions
  • Implement the front end for use by customers, admin, publishers, and agency or advertiser users
  • Extend the bidding platform to include ad mediation, thereby providing greater flexibility to app publishers
  • Manage technical support and customer support for its platform and infrastructure

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to create a scalable and flexible ad exchange platform that supported programmatic bidding scenarios.
  • The core platform was extended to address various bidding scenarios such as RTB and ad mediation
  • The implementation of ad mediation ensured maximum exposure to a publisher’s inventory across multiple networks, thereby increasing monetization options.
  • As part of incorporating the ad mediation functionality, the Cybage team helped develop Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the required interface to allow publishers to expose their inventory to multiple ad networks.
  • Cybage developed robust information architecture and aesthetic interfaces for use by platform users.
  • Cybage implemented extensive reporting and decision enabling modules. This included integration with third-party modules to achieve bid optimization.
  • Cybage provided technical and customer support for the client’s products and infrastructure.

Business impact:  

  • Direct contribution to top lines: Bidding-based models contributed a significant percentage of the client’s revenues.   
  • Optimized bidding helped the client derive lower Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Cost per Click (CPC) for inventory. This in turn helped achieve better margins towards inventory sold.    
  • There were reduced cost overheads when providing technical assistance and support towards the client’s products and infrastructure.   
  • Recommendations and enhancements helped the client to develop products with stronger user experience and value for its customers.

About the client:
The client is a leading global media investment management organization with focus on intelligent application of performance-enhancing activities, which helps in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensures better ROI.

Business need:

  • A multitenant system to be used by multiple media agencies within the group
  • A decision support system for Media Managers to help with media planning, budget allocation or optimization, and Ad ROI measurement across media channels
  • Rich user experience and usability for the platform
  • Strong data management and integrity for reports and analytics
  • Support for media spend across currencies, when supporting multinational brands
  • Improved functioning of major analytics modules within the client platform
  • Re-architecture, upgradation, and development of the client marketing and media management platform
  • Incorporation of enhancements and upgrades based on evolving needs
  • Quality Assurance (QA) expertise to develop and establish QA standards and measures

Solution offered:

  • Platform revamping, restructuring, and development
  • Re-architecture and migration of the client platform to newer technology
  • Development of major analytics modules and various features
  • Performance upgrading and enhanced scalability
  • Introduction of new UI designs considering factors such as customization, usability, and appearance
  • Brand onboarding, feeds management, and implementations

Business impact:

  • Higher turnaround on development and implementation of platform features
  • Lower time to market and reduced costs of development
  • Data management and hygiene for higher reliability and integrity when reporting

About the client:
The client is a leading global media investment management organization with focus on intelligent application of performance-enhancing activities that help in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensure better ROI

Business need:

  • Handling vast amount of data for statistical processing
  • Doing manual intervention for data cleansing and formatting
  • Executing product enhancements

Solution offered:

  • Cybage was involved in product engineering of the Ad ROI measurement and cross-channel attribution platform.
  • The major functionality of this tool was to optimize the media spend budget and campaign through forecasting (planned future investments), which helped analysts to decide the investments across geographies.
  • The product had the ability to display data aggregated by geography, brands, and time, among others. It helped agencies to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively by analyzing the trends for various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Cybage was involved in development and optimization of the database model used by the client.
  • Cybage performed data management of the entire system—data source integration, extract, transform, load, and data integrity.

Business impact:

  • Cybage reduced manual intervention for data cleansing.
  • Cybage improved data management activities. Data management services were a part of daily maintenance cycles and helped to keep the data up to date.
  • The client’s dashboard application was available with up-to-date data.
  • It provided an improved and user-friendly datamart (Extract Transform Load (ETL)) tool for usage by the advertising agencies.
  • It improved ROI monitoring and reporting.
  • It provided integration with third-party tools for data acquisition and ETL processing to be further displayed on the customer dashboards.

About the client:
The client is a world leader in Media Investment Management. It communicates with its agencies on behalf of its customers and acts as a parent and collaborator in performance-enhancing activities such as trading, content creation, sports, digital, finance, proprietary tool development, and other business-critical capabilities.

Business need:
The client wanted a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to:

  • Build a unified platform to manage the media buying and analytics workflow.
  • Develop major analytics modules.
  • Provide rich interfaces for the required functionalities.
  • Do technical writing to prepare user manuals, guides, online help, and video tutorials.
  • Validate, update, and monitor the data for various applications. 
  • Implement Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Develop audience look-a-like models.

Solution offered:

  • Developed a single window servicing the end-to-end operations of the business such as media planning, media buying, audience targeting, activation, Return on Investment (RoI) measurement, optimization, and visualization. 
  • Completed a total revamp of Data Analytics Services and the Data Analytics platform. 
  • Restructured all modules and properly organized them.  
  • Introduced a totally new user interface (UI) considering factors such as usability, with a better look and feel. 
  • Introduced new features such as custom reports, formatted export to Excel, and export to PDF. 
  • Developed major analytics modules. 
  • Designed, developed, and optimized the database model.
  • Participated in all other departments such as QA and technical writing.
  • Provided technical or functional production support for the Live tool.
  • Managed real-time visitor event processing and scoring.
  • Ensured that the intuitive product gave meaningful marketing insights to Business Analysts and Marketers.
  • Enabled evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of marketing initiatives to understand key drivers of business performance.

Business impact:

  • The client’s dashboard application was available with up-to-date data.
  • An improved and user-friendly DataMart (Extract Transform Load (ETL)) tool was ready for usage by the advertising agencies. 
  • The client was benefited due to improved Return on Investment (RoI) monitoring and reporting.
  • Integration with third-party tools for data acquisition and ETL processing was to be further displayed on the client dashboards.
  • We enabled collaboration between the Data Science team and the Media Planning teams with respect to media mix optimization.
  • We enabled the client to optimize its marketing Ro on an ongoing basis.
  • We enabled a 360 degree view of marketing performance across all marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including traditional and digital media.

​About the client:
The client is a leading provider of supply-side services that help agencies and advertisers gain actionable insights into their media spend. The client’s platform solutions and cloud applications provide a complete picture of consumers and cross-channel campaigns and connect with a worldwide advertising ecosystem of more than 100 partners. The client’s platform currently analyzes more than 4 trillion audience attributes and makes more than 80 billion advertising decisions.   

Business need:

  • ​The client required a technology partner with domain and systems expertise to help develop its ad serving and audience management platform.
  • The nature of the platform required the client to implement strong user experience. This user experience was not limited to usability but also to the overall visualization of data and reports on the site.
  • Specified the number of enhancements and development iterations that the client had planned, Automation testing was also a significant challenge. Existing implementations towards Automation testing were not addressing the client’s requirements.

Solution​ offered:

  • Cybage aligned a Development team with strong knowledge of the Media and Advertising domain with exposure to having developed similar systems.
  • This ensured faster turnaround in implementation and high quality output. New feature implementation required lesser knowledge transfer.
  • In addition, Cybage helped the client to enhance its platform with new feature recommendations and enhancements.
  • Cybage developed and re-engineered code towards Automation testing of the client’s software infrastructure.
  • The User Experience (UX) group at Cybage undertook an extensive exercise to completely rehaul the client’s application User Interfaces (UIs).
  • Use of Angular JS and newer front-end technologies helped with a responsive UI.

Business impact:

  • The engagement positively affected both the top and the bottom lines of the client.
  • The time to market new features was significantly reduced. Specified the client’s aggressive growth plans, this was a critical contribution to its business.
  • The client’s end clientele were able to derive stronger benefits and insights out of their product line based on the enhanced user experience—demonstrating stronger value for end users.

About the client:
The client is a globally renowned newspaper and a diversified Education and Media company. The client’s newspaper brand is generally regarded among the leading dailies in its region, and its online version is read widely across the world.  

Business need: 
The client was looking to monetize its content across multiple channels. As part of its strategy, the client was:

  • Re-engineering its content and prepress workflows using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system
  • Unifying the editorial and content workflow for print and digital
  • Extending its presence across web and mobile
  • Syndicating and aggregating content optimally to and from other sources
  • Managing users effectively and creating context-driven recommendations.

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to migrate its content and prepress workflows to a proven platform. Through its ECM Center of Excellence (CoE), Cybage implemented these workflows on to the client’s Content Management System (CMS) of choice.
  • Cybage helped the publisher to implement approval workflows and manage content through syndicated sources.
  • Using CMS content feeds, the Cybage team helped the client manage multiple consumer-facing assets.
  • Cybage developed required feeds for integration with mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Kindle, among others). These news feeds allowed further monetization avenues for the client.
  • Cybage implemented ad monetization solutions across the client’s consumer-facing properties. Cybage integrated ad tags for display and mobile advertising.
  • Cybage helped to implement recommendation engines and services to drive context-based recommendations to users. 

Business impact:
Cybage did the following:

  • Helped extend and monetize content on mobile devices—directly affecting the client’s revenues
  • Reduced operational inefficiencies by integrating and optimizing workflows: This in turn reduced the costs of operations for the client.
  • Drove user engagement and reader ‘stickiness’ and helped increase the potential to sell audiences to advertisers

About the client:
The client is a leading independent cable advertising representation firm, giving video providers dependable, high-quality representation of their advertising inventory.

Business need:
The client wanted a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to:

  • Create an impressions-based Order Entry system.
  • Enable account executives and sales managers to create proposals and orders.
  • Integrate with Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to push orders for managing ad campaigns on Google Fiber’s Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network.
  • Self-serve a web portal.

Solution offered:

  • Consulting-led approach
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Usability and wireframes with low-fidelity prototypes  
  • Visual designs with responsive design approach
  • Application architecture
  • Development of a proprietary platform
  • Manual QA, Automation QA

Business impact:

  • Improved UI aesthetics and developed a device-agnostic, simple, and user-friendly interface with quicker response time
  • Centralized the Software as a Service (SaaS) tool to manage the proposal or order creation
  • Managed orders for Google Fiber in multiple markets
  • Increased operational efficiency by automating the order creation workflow
  • Finished real-time integration with DFP's Impression Forecast system
  • Provided DFP impressions insights on available inventory

About the client: 
The client is a full service agency. One of the client’s end customer is a large retailor of pharmacy in the US. The client’s customer wanted to understand how its competitors were perceived by the market at large and undertake competitive analysis to better its marketing communication programs.

Business need:

  • Monitoring and understanding consumer conversations in social spaces around pharmacy and related client marketing programs and helping in strategizing future marketing initiatives
  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the current and the ongoing consumer conversations around client pharmacy, client pharmacy ‘broad’, and competitors
  • Identifying key influencers in social spaces specific to client pharmacy and its aforementioned programs
  • Gaining an understanding of how client pharmacy should integrate social spaces into its marketing efforts

Solution offered:

  • Cybage capitalized on Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics monitoring tool to quantify consumer conversation in social spaces and conduct analyst research to provide qualitative insights into the consumer conversation because it was related to various social forums for pharmacy.
  • Cybage had a two-tier approach for client pharmacy brand monitoring:
  1. Retail pharmacy industry specific conversation
  2. Broader client pharmacy conversation
  • Cybage focused primarily on conversations around client pharmacy because they were related to the Retail Pharmacy industry, taking into account the larger client pharmacy conversations as a reference point for context and potential opportunities.
  • The Cybage team developed a weekly report that provided the complete competitive landscape to the client and its customers.
  • The reports featured actionable insights for teams focused on marketing communication, customer care, sales, and marketing communication.

Business impact:

  • Cybage offered the client various conversation summaries that indicated how the pharmacy faired with competitors.
  • This exercise helped the client to define strategies and marketing messages for future campaigns.
  • Cybage offered reports and discussions scribes about deals and coupons, which could connect and make an impact with end consumers.
  • Cybage collected user data, processed it, and reported the data to the client pharmacy as to how it faired up against competitors on various social media platforms.
  • The reports helped the client to benchmark its current performance and gain actionable strategic insights from its competitors.

About the client:
The client is a globally renowned agency that works with leading consumer brands in the world. These brands include businesses that operate on a pan-global level and regularly feature in the Fortune 1000. The client represents these businesses in the capacity of a full-service agency, helping manage their media spends and branding.

Business need:
Specified the dynamic nature of its end customers’ businesses, the client required:

  • Fast turnaround on consumer-centric projects that spanned across web, social, and mobile   
  • Encourage user engagement through social integrations and platform development   
  • Social media monitoring and reputation management   
  • Support in campaign management for display, social, and search

Solution offered:

  • Cybage used development and UX or UI expertise to help implement brand sites and assets across web (responsive), social pages and apps (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter), and mobile (native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).
  • Cybage integrated and created social features and platforms to drive user engagement and ‘virality’ of the brand.
  • Cybage performed social media monitoring to help the client and its brands assess brand perceptions and competitors’ brand perceptions and engage with consumers on social channels.
  • Cybage offered creative production support to help repurpose branding and ad creative, among others.
  • Cybage managed professional services to help manage campaigns across display, social, and search.

Business impact:
  Cybage did the following:

  • Helped the client augment resource and skills to take on consumer-centric projects—directly increasing top lines
  • Enabled access to skills in various technologies across web, social, and mobile
  • Provided niche expertise in social media monitoring, development, and professional services

About the client:
The client is a leading provider of video solutions and an infrastructure provider.

Business need:
The client provided its customers hosting and infrastructure services and was looking to move into offering a packaged product for an end-to-end video management solution. This video management solution would help its customers to:

  • Manage video content optimally through advanced meta-information and content ingestion workflows
  • Ensure multi-device video through transcoding and adaptive streaming infrastructure
  • Define subscription bundles
  • Allow content owners to effectively stream to web, mobile, social, TV, and consoles
  • Set up and publish video sites using a ‘wizard-type’ interface

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to develop the video management platform.
  • To enable streaming, Cybage developed and implemented transcoding libraries for multi device streaming.
  • Cybage completed implementation of infrastructure to plug into live video feeds and multitenant streaming capabilities.
  • The site wizard included all facets of monetization, allowing the client’s customers to easily set up, manage, and monetize content.

Business impact:

  • The development of the video management and delivery platform helped the client to develop a new revenue channel.
  • There was better packaging of the existing infrastructure and hosting services.
  • This product line, coupled with its existing infrastructure services, helped the client to demonstrate significant value addition to its customers.

About the client:
The client, through its products, offers content owners and businesses the ability to manage and deliver content with complete security and surety. The product features robust subscription and permissions management that allows businesses complete control over how users consume content. In addition, the client also helps content-driven businesses effectively monitor licensing and royalties of their content.

Business need:

  • Developing a flexible subscription and permissions management system: Such a system would require support for various monetization models—pay per view and time-based access, among others.
  • Executing contracts workflow management and revenue assurance
  • Managing digital rights of the content delivered
  • Enhancing the back-end infrastructure to effectively manage meta information and product bundling
  • Developing a platform to easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties of content

Solution offered:

  • Cybage developed a scalable and flexible subscription and permission system.
  • Through its Mobile CoE, Cybage helped the client to develop proprietary mobile and desktop SDKs for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to provide a secure means to deliver content.
  • Cybage helped the client to develop a robust, flexible, and scalable system to manage subscriptions and product bundles.
  • The DRM SDKs also worked in an offline disconnected mode to track usage based on products subscribed.
  • The enhancements and developments to the platform helped the client to provide valuable avenues for its customers to effectively monetize video content and manage revenues through licensing and royalties.

Business impact:

  • The client could successfully enhance its product line to offer subscription management to its customers. This addition helped to generate additional revenues for the client.
  • The platform extended itself to become a digital marketplace for content owners and licensees, for content syndication.
  • Cybage allowed the client to address the secure delivery of content using digital rights management. This, in turn, helped to add a valuable feature to its product functionality—enabling more confidence for its customers when subscribing to the products.
  • The client’s customers could now easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties with respect to their content. The subscriptions for this product further enhanced the top lines for the client.

About the client:
The client is a video advertising, optimization, and yield management solutions provider. Its technology capitalizes on the power of data and mathematics to ensure guaranteed delivery of a brand’s message against a very targeted demographic and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across varied demographic segments. 

Business need:
Because the client’s product line and clientele was increasing, it required the following:

  • Implementation support for its proprietary ad server and self-serve platforms for partners
  • Advanced video ad inventory targeting solutions capitalizing on audience data
  • Reporting and analytics to help project inventory and prices and report post-run campaign data
  • Support for flexible ad monetization—pre-roll, post-roll, and click to play, among others: Such flexibility would also allow ads to be displayed based on user’s context.
  • Resource and skill augmentation to help develop demand and supply side platforms

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped its client to develop an ad server that was scalable to address extending needs.
  • Further, the ad server was coupled with audience data to help achieve stronger targeting and returns.
  • The flexibility of the monetization solution helped the client to allow publishers to monetize content easily while giving a more ‘transactional’ nature to the advertisers’ spends.
  • Cybage developed a reporting framework to provide insights into ad spend and inventory.
  • Cybage helped develop and integrate a proprietary video player to manage video delivery and data aggregation.

Business impact:

  • Cybage allowed the client to address extending customer demand—effectively increasing revenue opportunity.
  • Cybage helped the client to demonstrate the value of its products by offering better consumer targeting and flexibility in pricing.
  • There was better and flexible support to end customers and partners, for their self-serve systems.

About the client:
The client is a leading global digital marketing agency with presence in arenas of search marketing, web development, social media, and mobile solutions serving large enterprises and new businesses alike.

Business need:

  • Creative services for development of websites
  • UX or UI services for wire framing and designing
  • Enablement of web content management using CMSs
  • Services for production assets development
  • Mobile app development
  • Third-party integrations services
  • Testing services

Solution offered:

  • Cybage provided website development services for various end clients using HTML 5, CSS, Responsive, and CMS-based themes for various brands.
  • Cybage helped set up brand microsites, landing pages, and websites, among others based on the client’s campaign needs.
  • Cybage implemented adver-games on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, among others.
  • Cybage set up and implemented lead generation campaigns.
  • Cybage performed native app development on iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Cybage helped creation of production development assets –such as banner ads, digital assets, email templates, and print media content.  

Business impact:

  • Cybage helped augment the service portfolio of the client through resource and skill augmentation.
  • This in turn allowed the client to increase its service portfolio and execute multiple projects effectively increasing its top lines.
  • The cost advantage offered to the client enabled competitive pricing, resulting in more projects from various brands.
  • There was fast-paced development.
  • There were cost savings on various projects.
  • There was ability to offer one-stop solutions.

About the client:
The client is a leading global digital marketing agency with presence in arenas of search marketing, web development, social media, and mobile solutions serving large enterprises and new businesses alike.

Business need:

  • Product development to automate business workflows around planning, bid management, campaign management and associated reporting, ROI measurement and analytics for the client’s connected marketing platforms
  • Need for quantitative, real-time actionable data
  • Performance overhead
  • Development of the client data collection system
  • Reporting and system scalability
  • Resource augmentation for creative production and brand development 

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped develop an integrated marketing platform. This platform helped manage marketing and spend data across display, search, and social. This platform involved heavy integrations with APIs from various search and display networks.
  • Cybage helped manage paid search or SEM campaigns.
  • Cybage developed and implemented bid optimization and campaign management tools for search campaigns. These tools helped derive stronger returns on investment.
  • Cybage helped the client implement custom tag and data collectors to derive stronger insights into the marketing efficacy of its campaigns. The data collected was integrated with the client’s marketing platform and reporting solution.
  • The Cybage team helped develop robust Extract Transform Load (ETL), reporting, and analytics solutions using big data (Hadoop).

Business impact:

  • Operational efficiencies due to efficacy in platform operations
  • Faster turnaround time on projects and development
  • Business continuity and support through managed services

Supply Chain & Logistics

About the client:

The client provides an integrated suite of mail, logistics, and retail solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The client has three main business areas: 

  • Mail business
  • Logistics business
  • Retail business 

The company has been expanding their business from a postal service to a service provider of third-party logistics and e-commerce. Cybage has been the key contributor in business consultancy and building technology solutions for their rapid expansion plan.

Business need:

  • Integration of e-commerce websites with backend WMS/ERP systems for e-business.
  • The e-commerce websites were built with Magento, BigCommerce, Vend, Shopify, EzyFulfillment, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other custom built web stores.
  • The orders from these websites were submitted to the client back-office system for fulfilment, mainly to the Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Every time a new e-commerce website was added for hosting, a lot of effort was required to connect it to WMS, leading to scalability, extensibility, and go-to-market turnaround time issues.
  • Requirement was of a generic middle layer, which could reduce the rework required due to endpoint changes, and could also support scalability for supporting future growth.

Solution offered:

  • Developed middle layer for interaction with e-commerce websites and WMS.
  • E-commerce websites called the middle layer interfaces with data payload. The payload could be in any format. 
  • The middle layer formatted and transformed the payload into a standard data format and submitted it in the message queue for further processing. 
  • The middle layer service core read the messages from the message queue and processed them based on service configurations. 
  • The service configuration managed the transformations required for various sites, payload formats, transformation formats, and destination warehouse where the payload should finally go, among others. 
  • The WMS called the respective middle layer services to provide the data back to the e-commerce website.

Business impact:

  • Quick integration (by avoiding rework) of new e-commerce websites with the WMS through Middleware.
  • Improved go-to-market turnaround time.
  • Scalability for supporting future growth.
  • Feasibility in terms of various payload formats supported.
  • Various communication channels supported (API/file share through FTP).
  • Configuration-based system, thereby, providing ease of maintenance.

About the client

The client develops and commercializes high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Years of experience, R&D efforts, and an intensive focus on customer experience has made it a leading player in its sector. It is active throughout Europe.

Business need:

The client was building a system for fleet management for logistics companies. There are a wide range of telematics IoT devices through customer tracks (real-time information) such as vehicle information, driver information, and transport information for its clientele.
Key business needs of the client can be summarized as below:

  • Need for application/applications to enable accurate and real-time views for clientele (logistics companies) to track vehicles, drivers, and other critical logistics parameters
  • Ability to publish real-time updates back to vehicles
  • Compliance with regulatory body rules in tracking vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour
  • Usage of trending IoT and sensor technologies for quick transfer of data 
  • Need for a cost-effective alternative for on-board computers where OBC cannot be deployed
  • Solution to remote troubleshoot and perform upgrades on OBC
  • Need for a decision-making platform to crunch telematics data captured from different devices

Solutions Offered:

  • Pushing real-time updates to vehicles within a fraction of seconds using latest push technologies
  • IoT enabled applications for capturing real-time sensors information
  • Web and Windows Applications for:
    • Tracking and maintenance of engine diagnostics, real-time status/position, driver working hours as per the country regulations
    • Planning creation and sending to vehicles, displaying historical routes on maps
    • Sending and receiving messages to/from vehicles
    • Alarms, displaying real-time overview of vehicles, creating and sending routes to vehicles, driving behavior including speeding, over RPM, hard deceleration/acceleration, idle engine alarm and geo-fencing alarm, fuel consumption, mileage calculation
    • Real time and historical location of vehicles and vehicle status including low voltage alarm, high engine temperature alarm, engine fault code recording
  • Remote options:
    • To change device/customer settings such as enabling and disabling particular features 
    • To view log information of the devices for troubleshooting through responsive applications 
    • Firmware update using restful services 
  • Mobile apps:
    • To capture data where OBC cannot reach and later synch with OBC/remote application
    • As an alternative for OBC where OBC is not cost effective
  • Easy integration with other fleet management systems or host systems through web services
  • BI platform to provide dashboards to focused groups

Business Impact

•    Enhanced time-to-market  
•    Increased customer satisfaction with better maintenance and control on device from remote location
•    Enhanced business with an array of options available to integrate and use
•    Competitive pricing, pay-per-module pricing model
•    Advanced IoT platform that is configurable and adaptable to new devices or sensors

About the client:

With over three decades of experience in airfreight, sea freight, brokerage, and multimodal & warehousing services, the client is well recognized for its flexible and personalized service in Logistics industry. The client has four 3PL sites and one free-zone site in Sri Lanka, serving leading international fabric, electronics, and local customers. Operations mostly involve freight forwarding and handling complex fabric supply chain issues.

The client was running manual operations on a legacy WMS in all the five sites, which decreased the services throughput of existing customers and increased time to on-board new customers. They were looking for a tier-1 WMS product that fits their requirement and an implementation partner. The client chose Cybage for the experience in implementing warehouse solutions and the consulting expertise in defining their process flows on HighJump.

Cybage is one of HighJump’s most valued partners in the supply chain domain for over five years. Cybage works on multiple implementations across the globe with enterprise customers from North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australia in the warehouse management space.

Awards/recognitions received:

 Timeline Accolades And Accreditations
 April 2014 HighJump software—Premier Implementation Collaboration Partners in Innovation 2014

HighJump Software is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. HighJump supply chain management software manages the flow of inventory and information from supplier through manufacturing, distribution, and EDI solutions all the way to direct store delivery. 

HighJump solutions are designed to meet market and customer requirements in industries such as 3PL/logistics services provider, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale/industrial distribution.

Business requirements:

Following are the key business requirements of the client:

  • Remove Manual Warehouse operations causing low productivity, high inbound and outbound turn-around times, and labour issues
  • Improve inventory and location inaccuracy
  • Remove data inaccuracies from manual data entry
  • Automate 3PL customer on-boarding
  • Report metrics on warehouse performance, labour performance, and highlight bottlenecks
  • Integrate WMS with Billing and enable accurate billing for customers


Cybage, with its vast experience in HighJump implementation space, suggested solutions that involved the following:

  • Studying existing manual operational flows and defining automated flows for inbound, outbound, counts, and VAS operations on RF scanners of HighJump
  • Performing end–to-end automation of warehouse processes through HighJump
  • Implementing Yard management system to optimize yard usage
  • Implementing advanced dash boarding and KPI module for supply chain visibility
  • Providing real-time visibility on receipts and outbound KPIs
  • Implementing integration layer for customer Inbound, SKU, and Outbound data
  • Creating 3PL billing modules for accurate invoicing

Tools and technologies:

  • HighJump WMS System for automating operations flows
  • HighJump Interfaces for integrating with the client integration layer
  • Oracle database, business objects—Crystal reports for reporting

Business impact:

  • Improved customer service levels, KPIs, and customer on-boarding
  • Improved location accuracy and inventory accuracy
  • Efficient labour utilization through HighJump Labour management module
  • Accurate billing through HighJump Billing Management system

About the client:

The client provides complete and comprehensive Distribution Solutions, supported by a solid infrastructure, within the market of Saudi Arabia. The company’s consumer product portfolio includes the categories of Ambient Food & Drinks, Chilled & Frozen Food Products, Personal & Home Care, and Automotive Tires divided across five business units.

The client is amongst the largest and leading distributors in Saudi Arabia, with their head office in Jeddah, and a wide network of sales and branch offices across Saudi Arabia.

Cybage is one of HighJump’s most valued partners in the supply chain domain for over five years. Cybage works on multiple implementations across the globe with enterprise customers from North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australia in the warehouse management space.

Awards/recognitions received:

 Timeline Accolades And Accreditations
 April 2014 HighJump software—Premier Implementation Collaboration Partners in Innovation 2014

HighJump Software is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. HighJump supply chain management software manages the flow of inventory and information from supplier through manufacturing, distribution, and EDI solutions all the way to direct store delivery. 

HighJump solutions are designed to meet market and customer requirements in industries such as 3PL/logistics services provider, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale/industrial distribution.


Business requirements:

The client developed a revamped facility design for branch warehouse operations, which focused on executing best practices and material handling techniques, and providing growth capability in throughput volume while lowering operating costs. The work processes recommended in the proposed design required a Best of breed WMS system to provide the overall control and direction for the movement of product, utilization of resources, and management of inventory within the branch warehouse operation.  

The client began a search for a WMS that allowed them to implement work processes as per new design, innovate more rapidly, and seamlessly integrate with SAP.


The client selected HighJump™ Warehouse Advantage for its warehousing, yard management, billing management, and labour management needs. Now client has a highly adaptable, industry-leading solution that provides directed, optimized workflows based on a foundation of best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, replenishment, and more. 

The client worked with Cybage & HighJump to build its own company-specific business processes into WMS. Because of its adaptable architecture, these unique configurations will automatically carry forward to any future HighJump WMS.

Benefits of using HighJump WMS:

HighJump WMS provides the functions of resource management, material movement, storage optimization, FEFO management, and RF enabled operation (Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) and Non-VNA) for Warehouses.

SAP and WMS integration is handled using the interface mechanism by HighJump —‘AdvLink for SQL Host’ and ‘AdvLink for flatfile’. These establish the site code and warehouse relationship based on storage conditions.  The global and satellite warehouses are identified and the WMS operations are performed at satellite level. 

Pick/Put rules are configured for each SKU and respective zone/pick areas are established within warehouses, which allow faster put away or picking of SKUs. Similar Put Plan rules are set for items belonging to similar class reference even though spread across different locations. This allows user to navigate to the common location area and place inventory based on the rules.

Temperature values are captured and maintained in WMS system for Chilled/Frozen SKU’s thereby controlling the inventory movement within the Warehouse.

HighJump allowed Inventory Consolidation allowing mixing of different SKU’s present in single order associated to a customer, which increased picking efficiency multi-fold. Allocation logic has been defined in WMS which will pick the promotional/date constraint items from the nearest pick location fulfilling the order requirement.

HighJump enhanced the warehouse abilities in directing goods to the best fit stock locations, having exact picking sequence to complete the pick at the earliest, thereby minimizing the physical efforts during picks.

Tools and technologies:

  • HighJump WMS System for automating operations flows
  • HighJump Interfaces for integrating with the client integration layer
  • Oracle Database, Business Objects—Crystal reports for reporting

Business impact:

  • Client observed 230% growth  throughput during peak season in Aug. 2015 immediately after implementing HighJump WMS
  • Improved labour and yard efficiency by implementing HighJump Labour Advantage and HighJump Yard Advantage
  • Accurate Billing through HighJump Billing Management Module

About the client:

The client is a telecommunications services company with head office in London, United Kingdom and operations in around 170 countries. Cybage has been working with the client along with HighJump for implementation of HighJump Warehouse Management System across its stores, hubs, and distribution centres. This rollout was made across 100 warehouse locations in and around UK.

Cybage is one of HighJump’s most valued partners in the supply chain domain for over five years. Cybage works on multiple implementations across the globe with enterprise customers from North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australia in the warehouse management space.

Awards/recognitions received:

 Timeline Accolades And Accreditations
 April 2014 HighJump software—Premier Implementation Collaboration Partners in Innovation 2014

HighJump Software is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. HighJump supply chain management software manages the flow of inventory and information from supplier through manufacturing, distribution, and EDI solutions all the way to direct store delivery. 

HighJump solutions are designed to meet market and customer requirements in industries such as 3PL/logistics services provider, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale/industrial distribution.


Business requirements:
The client had a major network of distribution centres and retail hubs, which needed continuous replenishment and high fill rates to meet stringent customer SLAs. The client wanted a highly automated WMS and integration for meeting customer expectations. 
Following are the key business needs of the client:

  • Highly adaptable software architecture
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Cloud-based implementation
  • High level of customer satisfaction and active customer community
  • Best practices implementation methodology
  • Worldwide customer support 24x7


  • Professional services/implementations: The HighJump implementation for the client is a collaborative work from both HighJump and the Cybage team. In the initial requirement phase, HighJump consultants and Cybage team worked together on requirement gathering, discussions, and scoping activities, and further estimating the implementations. The HighJump consultant and program manager were involved in all design and key activities related to implementations. The Cybage team was completely responsible for implementing the changes, deployments, and rollout in consultation with the HighJump consultants.
  • Quality services: Providing manual testing services for the customized product.
  • Business solutions: Helping the client streamline requirements management.
  • Design activities: Working on design activities for process definition and implementing HighJump software through active participation with the client.
  • Product enhancements: Enhancing the client platforms and change requests raised by the existing and new customers to streamline operations.

Business impact:

  • End-to-end integration for two main warehouses (distribution centres), over 90 small warehouses (forward stock locations),  and Automated Systems and ERP
  • Advance automation and increase in productivity through IoT
  • Multi-fold improvement in picking efficiency and inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer SLAs through planned replenishments and increased order fulfilment rate

About the client:

The client is one of the leading online providers of aftermarket auto parts in the U.S. They offer a wide range of high standard replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories. The client owns over 75 K SKUs primarily sold through its e-commerce platforms. 

Business need:

  • Integration of ERP, WMS, POS and other heterogeneous systems in Supply Chain
  • Need for critical customizations in ERP system to have pricing strategies by client
  • Need to sustain growing customer demand and performance levels
  • Ability to handle over 300 active field operators concurrently 
  • Need for a highly configurable solution to enable easy upgrades and allow client wise workflows
  • Need for a demand planning solution to handle changing customer trends

Solutions offered:

  • Robust Integration Layer:
    • Developed a robust integration layer between ERP and all Point of Sales (POS) systems and e-commerce websites
    • Took care of real time purchase order and SKU receipts in this integration
    • Inventory reconciliation and real time transfer for delta from POS to ERP
    • Rich UI based purchase reconciliation tool for faster transfer between POS and ERP during peak seasons
  • Migrated the operations from legacy WMS to HighJump
  • Forecasting tool integration:
    • Integrated demand data control application with WMS and POS
    • Identified and implemented business rules to generate demand data
    • Enabled configurability of the rules to handle changing trends

Business impact:

  • Highly integrated Supply Chain environment improved Supply Chain visibility multifold
  • Shifting of paper-based operations to automated flows using RF devices increased efficiency and decreased labour costs
  • Enhanced support during peak seasons and SLA compliance
  • Rule-based demand forecasting enhanced overall Supply Chain planning and execution
  • Real-time updates between POS, ERP, and WMS reduced back orders and improved stock efficiencies
  • Configurable solution for easy onboarding of clients or new workflows


About the client
The client is a leading cyber security and antivirus solutions provider for consumers and corporates.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following issues:

  • The client required to develop a single, open-source–based Business Intelligence (BI) solution instead of maintaining multiple reporting systems based on various technologies.
  • The existing data warehouse did not have dimensional modeling, which resulted in the lack of integration with new reporting tools.
  • Limited drill-down capability in the existing Excel-based reporting forced businesses to maintain various reports with the same data set.
  • Data visualization capability was not available.
  • The manual data collection and report generation process (Excel-based) in the legacy system was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • An inefficient reporting system resulted in the unavailability of useful information, which limited company data analysis and decision-making capability.

Technology solution
Cybage provided the following solution to help the client overcome its problems:

  • Cybage’s BI solution had a 2-tier architecture, which consisted of the Cube layer and the Presentation layer.
  • We designed and developed a data warehouse on the Oracle 11g server using Informatica as the Extract Transform Load (ETL) tool.
  • Cube layer: We capitalized on the intelligent compression techniques of QlikView to reduce the amount of data with daily incremental data refreshing cycle.
  • Presentation layer: We capitalized on the associativity technology of QlikView to establish the relationship among various tables and form a star schema, which, in turn, pulls data from QVD files to generate the reports.

Execution strategy
Cybage adhered to the following plan to provide effective results to the client:

  • We capitalized on the Scrum methodology for high visibility, active collaboration, effective communication, and predictable rhythm, resulting in a predictable schedule and improved productivity.
  • We used Planning Poker for agile estimation and effective planning.
  • We created a Proof of Concept (PoC), which verified the proposed architecture.
  • We capitalized on the Cenzic security framework to identify potential security vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures.

Value realized
The dashboards and analytical reports developed in QlikView:

  • Helped business users to uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions.
  • Enhanced productivity of business users by providing access to dashboards having rich reports with drill-up and drill-down facility.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Development Oracle , QlikView , Informatica 
Testing  Cenzic (for UI Security)
Tools  Gliffy, Planning Poker
ALM Cisco Jabbar, integrated Atlassian tools—Confluence, JIRA

Cybage services utilized
Architectural Services, Development, Testing, and BI Capabilties.

About the client
The client is one of the world’s leading providers of market and consumer research, which enables its customers to make smarter business decisions.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following issues:

  • The client’s existing legacy platform based on the COTS analytics software was incurring high data processing costs. It also required manual intervention in multiple instances.
  • The client was incurring high customization costs for integration of new data sources.
  • The existing solution was unable to handle data synchronization (multiple source streams) and data maintainability was a problem.

Technology solution
Cybage’s solution comprised the following:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) solution on Big Data platform, capitalizing on Hadoop technologies, deployed using Atlassian Bamboo to support multiple data partitions with multiple periods using nested ETL scheduled workflows
  • Pluggable solution that enabled easy integration with new data sources.
  • Custom-made automation framework based on Oozie JMS notification system aided quality control.
  • Solution transforms the legacy data set into a common big data file system, create an inventory of all data sets, apply data science modules for imputation, fusion and weighting, and manages dependencies between processing steps and automate job execution.
  • Maintenance and utilization of versioned data to ensure data accuracy; for instance, storage and retrieval of data in versions.
  • Creation of cohesive components that could be rapidly plugged into the system for workflows to execute seamlessly.
  • Provision of rich reports on aggregated data with additional product filters.

Execution strategy
Cybage adhered to the following plan to provide effective results to the client:

  • Adhered to SCRUM and Kanban methodologies to accelerate new adoptions, help overcome common pitfalls and challenges, and to evolve a new framework that could sustain value-delivery and agility over time.
  • Utilized development tools such as SonarQube for static code analysis and code coverage to keep technical debt under control and manage code quality.

Value realized
The solution provided the following benefits to the client:

  • Using this platform, the client was able to offer comprehensive insights harmonized with local market intelligence, enabling its customers to make informed decisions.
  • The platform offered low data processing cost with high scalability and greater flexibility to adopt new data sources.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Development Java, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Oozie, Kite Dataset Management, HCatalog, Impala, Graphite, EXASOL
Testing  JUnit, PigUnit, hcatunit, kite-unit, QA automation tool
CI  Atlassian Bamboo
Tools  Git, Vagrant, SourceTree, Cloudera Manager
ALM Integrated Atlassian tools—Confluence, JIRA, Stash, Lync, SonarQube

Cybage services utilized
Development, Testing, Test Automation, Cloud and BigData, BI, ALM, DevOps Capabilities

About the client
The client is a leading fashion and style website in the United States.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following technology issues:

  • The legacy platform was facing performance challenges because report generation took up one whole day.
  • High manual processing was required to consolidate data from multiple sources and generate reports. This resulted in loss of productivity.
  • Multiple groups worked on the same data, resulting in duplication of efforts.
  • The lack of a central reporting system (decentralized data), data inconsistency, and quality issues for WebPrints of one billion page views resulted in rework for reconciliation.

Technology solution
Cybage’s solution comprised the following:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) solution on Big Data platform, capitalizing on Hadoop technologies and open-source tools, using configurable ETL scheduled workflows.
  • Data assimilation platform, which consolidated data from sources such as Google Analytics, Sailthru, Ooyala, Chartbeat, Disqus, and Pinterest.
  • Extractor for individual sources that were run on AWS-EC2, raw JSON files were stored on AWS-S3, ETL and analytics were done on AWS-EMR cluster using Hive and Impala, result TSVs were stored in AWS-S3, results were copied to AWS-RDS (MySQL) using copy activity in data pipeline, and the reports were run on this data. All the schedules were managed by AWS–Data pipeline.
  • Rich reports (Self-service BI and Ad-hoc reporting) on aggregated data.
  • Data mining capabilities for identification of specific patterns and trends.

Execution strategy
As part of its execution strategy, Cybage did the following:

  • Capitalized on phased methodology, which enables targeted solution development (infrastructure, centralized DB, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), reporting, Self-service BI, and data mining capability).
  • Capitalized on SCRUM Agile methodology for active tracking, greater agility, and recurrent deployments.

Value realized
The solution provided the following benefits to the client:

  • Ability to develop comprehensive reports with higher quality and in-depth data analysis, aiding informed decisions.
  • Faster and efficient data processing on a centralized database.
  • Encouragement to end-users to use Self-service BI for analyzing and visualizing data.
  • 75% reduction in report generation efforts.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Development Java, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Impala 
Testing  Manual testing

Cybage services utilized
Architectural Services, Development, Testing, Big Data and BI CoE capabilities.

About the client
The client is a leading provider of cloud-based services for the smart home and business monitoring to millions of subscribers through a network of service providers.
Technology problem
The client was facing the following technology issues:

  • The client required End-to-End (E2E) Functional testing in a complex Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud system landscape.
  • Test automation was absent.
  • The client required simultaneous testing of mobile apps for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Technology solution
Cybage provided a technology solution, comprising:

  • A comprehensive IoT lab for near real-world testing.
  • Development of reusable assets for Functional and Regression testing of various smart devices and panels.
  • Provision of a robust test automation framework using Selenium for testing to help reduce the time to market.
  • Provision of custom-made utilities or plug-ins to monitor the application, report issues, and track changes on Confluence.

Execution strategy
The execution strategy of Cybage was as follows:

  • The Cybage Testing was responsible for adopting best practices, designing test strategies, creating automation suites, and performing test execution.
  • We perform Manual testing across the entire value chain to accommodate changing requirements in a dynamic smart devices environment.
  • We capitalized on a keyword-driven framework for automation to validate the stability of various functionalities on the web.

Value realized
Using this platform, the client offered a comprehensive solution for consumers and businesses to secure and remotely monitor homes and offices with a range of devices. The client ensured:

  • Continuous quality enhancement through review and defect prevention.
  • Continuous productivity enhancement through test automation using multiple tools.
  • Lower total cost of ownership through Cybage’s mature and well-set processes for test execution.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Test automation CasperJS, PhantomJS, C#.NET and Core Java, Selenium WebDriver
ALM  Integrated Atlassian tools—Confluence, JIRA

Cybage services utilized
Development, Testing, and Test Automation

About the client
The client is a leading benchmarking solutions vendor for the Telecom industry on wireless services. It offers unmatched solutions for network benchmarking, analysis, and testing.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following issues:

  • The client was incurring high annual licensing costs due to the use of proprietary collection equipment (specialized hardware) for network performance measurement.
  • The existing solution was not scalable due to the exponential increase in the licensing cost.

Technology solution
Cybage’s solution comprised the following:

  • Development of cost-effective native mobile applications for surface layer network performance analysis. The native mobile application is easily configurable, scalable, and runs on non-rooted devices.
  • Mobile App allows users to configure, run, and review multiple tests for network analysis and share the results.
  • Support for app customization, including customer-specific logos and assets for superior customer experience.
  • Development of Public apps with limited functionality for data collection using crowdsourcing.
  • Interactive web-based reporting with secure web solution to view benchmarking statistics.

Execution strategy
Cybage adhered to the following plan to provide effective results to the client:

  • Conceptualization, Architecture and development of native mobile enterprise Android app for network analysis and Public iOS or Android app with limited features.
  • POC creation to verify the proposed app network data collection capabilities.
  • Adherence to Iterative methodology to create production-ready app, which mitigated the risks and fulfilled the non-functional requirements.

Value realized
The solution provided the following benefits to the client:

  • This platform helped to replace specialized hardware with enterprise native app for network data collection, eliminating licensing cost.
  • The client was able to open up new sources of revenue by offering custom designed solutions for network analysis to third-party companies.
  • The utilization of crowdsourcing accelerated data collection, which came at a fairly lower price.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Dev  Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, .NET, WCF, Java, Android
Testing  Manual testing, Fiddler
Cybage services utilized
Architectural Services, Development, Testing, Enterprise Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE)

About the client
The client is a leading global Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)  provider. Its core solution is an integration platform that enables applications to network and connect with a variety of on-premises and cloud services.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following technology issues:

  • Rapid increase in customer base and transaction volumes was affecting the technology choices and hampering the scalability of the architecture. They were anticipating the year on year (YoY) load to increase at five times the prevailing rate and this had become an immediate challenge.
  • The client was also facing high annual licensing costs and insufficient instrumentation for rich reporting.

Technology solution
Cybage provided the following technology solution:

  • We developed a highly scalable (25 times the current load), multi-class, workload-supported data processing and analytical big data platform, capitalizing on open-source technologies.
  • We provided a system that supported massive parallel processing and horizontal scaling across scale vectors.
  • The system enabled continuous computation (real rime analytics) on high velocity and high volume stream data.
  • It provided near-real–time, batch, and interactive reporting for data-driven insight.
  • We implemented extensive tools for platform monitoring, management, and operational support.
  • We ensured comprehensive regulatory compliance across varied compliance regions.
  • Our technology solution enabled a growth spurt (25X) with incremental provisioning. The details are as follows:
  1. Data velocity: More than 250,000 messages per second.
  2. Data volume: 150 MB per second to 10 TB per day.
  3. Data processing requirements: Data analytics: one minute –– hourly, monthly, and historic ranges.
  4. Interactive system response time: three seconds.
  5. Raw data retention period: 90 days and after that, in offline data systems.

Execution strategy
The execution strategy of Cybage comprised the following:

  • Conceptualization and development of a big data solution from the ground up to support the predicted scale of 25 times the current load.
  • Lab experimentation to verify the proposed architecture for key NFRs (Non Functional Requirements).
  • Adherence to Scrum Agile methodology for more predictable release cycle, higher solution stability, and accurate project visibility.
  • Usage of development tools such as Atlassian FishEye and Crucible for better code quality and management of release processes.
  • Collaboration using Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, and HipChat to support cross-functional and geographically scattered teams.

Value realized
Cybage’s solution provided the following benefits:

  • Ability to identify key trends and behaviors, obtain deep data traffic understanding, perform meaningful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting, and recognize additional digital revenue streams.
  • A synergistic architecture for future-proof Big Data management infrastructure.
  • Access to richer data points and analytics.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Development Cloudera Hadoop and its services, Storm, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Java
Testing      JMeter, Data mart, Java
DevOPS Puppet, Vagrant, Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 deployment
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Integrated Atlassian tools – Confluence, JIRA, HipChat, Stash, FishEye or Crucible, Gliffy plug-in
Monitoring and alerts    Graphite, Grafana, Nagios

Cybage services utilized
Architectural Services, Development, Testing, Platform Monitoring, Management and Operational Support, Cloud, Big Data, ALM, DevOps Capabilities

Travel & Hospitality

About the client:
Client has a global footprint with presence in 52 countries spread across 6 continents. It is a leader in providing low-cost, multi-source distribution and independent faring technology to the global travel industry, and its primary customers are Airlines and large global TMCs (Travel Management Companies).

Business Requirements:

  • To meet the client’s dynamic development and testing needs.
  • To support all message connectivity such as EDIFACT, OTA, XML, GDS, and Proprietary.
  • To focus on further reducing variable cost and accelerate momentum towards low-cost distribution platform.


  • Built and tested the direct connects for multiple Hotels and Airlines.
  • Mapped XML and EDI messages, XML and DIR messages.
  • Undertook testing for ARC certification, BSP certification, TRAMS integration, and MIR transactions.

Struts, Custom build framework in C++, Java, Visual Studio 2005

About the client:
Client is a technology solution provider of cruise booking solution.

Business Requirements:

  • To build a product for the Cruise Industry that will reduce the cost of ownership and empower the client to market travel products and services.
  • To design a GDS alternative solution that involves less cost and provides bigger market.


  • Developed the product from conceptualization till deployment stage.
  • Created modules such as Cruise GDS/Switch, OTA Standard Services, Cruise Booking, PNR Management, Payment Processing, Supplier Commission Distribution, Cruise Static Contents Inventory and its management.
  • Created SOA-based architectures and started component-driven development.
  • Developed automated testing services, thereby reducing cost and turnaround time.
  • Developed the cruise portal using Ajax Web 2.0 features.

Spring, Hibernate, Smooks, Axis2, Java, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, JBoss 4.2.2 GA, SQL Server 2005

About the client:
Client is a leading travel technology solution provider.

Business Requirements:

  • To create a solution that is economical and empowers travel service providers to market travel products and services such as air, hotel & resort, car rental, and attraction tickets.
  • To reduce the infrastructure setup cost and the need of travel providers to participate into CRS/GDS systems, etc.


  • Re-engineered the existing product solution to give the application scalability and better performance.
  • Developed a Connectivity Switch to connect to Supplier and Distributor systems such as Worldspan, Kuoni, Disney, etc.
  • Implemented Web 2.0 features on the B2C portal.
  • Developed full-scale testing suite including functional, regression, performance, and stress testing.

J2EE, Backbase, Struts, JDBC, SQL Server 2005, JBoss 4.2.2 GA, Websphere 6.0

About the client:
Client has BI products which help you analyze the travel transaction data and help you position for opportunities arising out of these.

Business Requirements:

  • To take-the over complete responsibility of Quality Assurance of its product.


  • Created the framework and processes for Quality Assurance of the product.
  • Developed around 400 scripts to test the application interfaces to the GDS. The scripts were compatible to all the GDS and were easily maintainable.
  • Carried out sizing of applications by using Enterprise performance testing tool.

Net 2.0, ASP .NET, VB .NET, C#, SQL Server 2005

About the client:
Client is a leading consolidator of Hotel, Rail and Attraction inventories in the european market.

Business Requirements:

  • To migrate all CFM sites to .NET technology.
  • To replace the client’s inventory of 42 thousand hotels, which had unstable connections, with Web services for efficient working.


  • Developed an intelligent content management tool to manage website content for promotions, advertisements, data and business rules, etc.
  • Re-engineered the website from usability perspective and implemented WAI ‘AA’ accessibility standards.
  • Implemented dynamic packaging of theater and attraction breaks.
  • Developed XML web services for third party, Site SEO, and BI reporting.

.Net 2.0, Ajax, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, and Crystal Reports 10.2

About the Client:
Client is one of the Europe’s leading online travel agency.

Business Requirements:

  • To increase scalability and performance of the existing websites.

  • To replace the client’s non-scalable, old back-office system with a new one to centrally administer all the websites and sell multiple products with single back end.



  • Built and maintained an intelligent CMS that is capable of managing the content and inventory for all the brand websites.

  • Built a third-party XML (OpenTravel based) connections for more inventory and reservations.

  • Developed modules such as Customer Loyalty Program, Search Engine Optimization, Guest Reviews Module, Gift Vouchers, and Payment Gateway Integration.



  • As end users began using the new features, it resultes in increased revenues

  • The client’s business increased to 400,000 reservations and 1,175,000 passengers per year.

  • The website was awarded the best travel website for 3 consecutive years. 


Customized Framework, PHP, Linux, MySQL

About the client:
Client is a leading provider of pricing solution with focus on competitor pricing. This integrates seamlessly with the existing revenue management practice of the customer.

Business Requirements:

  • To maintain a clean repository and data warehouse of integrated pricing and demand market information.
  • To reduce the lead time in activating the customer set-up and configurations.
  • To design and develop marketing collaterals by understanding the business model and gathering relevant domain expertise.
  • To provide 24 x 7 operational support and services to the client’s customers and meeting end-to-end testing needs for the products.


  • Constituted a core technology arm to meet a range of technology and support needs.
  • Provided for development, testing, technical writing, usability, and customer support services.
  • Analyzed and devised a support strategy to maintain availability of the application and database.
  • Increased efficiency in accessing resources and technology services resulting in improved ROI.

Linux ES 3, Perl, P5EE, MySQL

About the Client:​
Client is an airline consolidator and tour operator based out of USA. This Travel Management Company focuses on outbound travel to Europe and has innovative products to distribute travel content and data through web services.​ 

Business Requirements:

  • To enhance online shopping experience for traveler while offering a broader array of products and services to choose from: flights, flight statistics, alerts, hotels, vacation rentals, packages, car rentals and cruises
  • To increase efficiency and productivity by building a platform based on an open architecture that integrates front, mid and back office operations
  • To improve the XML API such that it becomes easier and faster to add multiple travel suppliers and intermediaries


  • Enhancing Booking Engine
  • Development of new features like Dynamic Packaging and Travel Insurance.
  • Building APIs and Web Services for their affiliates , partners.
  • Implementation of SEM recommendations/SEO optimization to increase bookings.

 ASP .NET 2.0, C#, MS SQL Server 2008

About the client:
Client has products that touch all the important business components of the industry, such as CRM, Reservation and Inventory system for Cruise and tour, product for Retail Travel Agency, Tourism Bureaus solution, Dynamic packaging, and consumer web and online commerce solutions.

Business Requirements:

  • To understand the client’s QA process and take end-to-end testing responsibility of its products.
  • To undertake performance engineering of the products to give the client a better understanding of the capacity of its applications.


  • Proposed a tailor-made, fine-tuned QA processes for the client to ensure in-time check and good quality of applications.
  • C arried out sizing of applications by using Enterprise performance testing tool.

Net 2.0, ASP .NET, VB .NET, C#, SQL Server 2005

About the client:
Client is a leader in Vacation Rental business featuring more than 4,00,000 vacation rental homes, condos, guesthouses, cottages, and cabins in 118 countries.

Business Requirements:

  • Have a cohesive interface/technology/platform to all the brands to have better control and change management
  • Build a new Image Management module for Owner


  • Developed a best-in-class scalable Image Management tool to meet the current needs and help the client to achieve its long-term strategic goals. The solution allowed the suppliers convenient self-service options and delivered a personalized user experience.
  • Collaborated on other modules such as Quotes and Pricing Management, Image Migration and Performance/Load Testing.

J2EE, Backbase, Struts, JDBC, SQL Server 2005, JBoss 4.2.2 GA, Websphere 6.0

About the client:
Client provides a travel switch solution based on the OpenTravel™ specifications to the Travel industry

Business Requirements:

  • To be able to react quickly in a dynamic environment with ever-changing customer needs.
  • To replace the existing front-end application with a robust one to achieve less time to market.


  • Maintained connections (OpenTravel specifications) with all the GDSs such as Worldspan, Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo.
  • Implemented the seat map functionality.
  • Worked on the front-end web application and added new features as needed by the client.

ASP .Net, SOAP, XML, OpenTravel 2005A specifications