At Cybage, we have our own industry-proven methodology for workload and infrastructure cloud migration solutions defined by multiple cloud services providers to do a seamless migration of business-critical workloads. The actions required to migrate workloads generally fall into three core waves of Pre-Migration, Migration, and Post-Migration, and the phases are as below:

Assess: we perform a thorough assessment and discovery of the existing workloads followed by a readiness check.
Plan: we create the basic cloud infrastructure for your workloads to live in, and plan and design how you will move apps in the form of a POC if needed.
Migrate: we migrate and execute a deployment process to move workloads to the cloud. 
Optimize: cost optimization by consolidation and optimal resource usage is carried out. Next step is adopting cloud native services.

A continuous migration evaluation approach is applied through migration lifecycle to achieve a seamless transformation.



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