ExcelShore® is a sophisticated data science-driven platform for the transformation of technology-led businesses. It presents a tangible framework to fundamentally redefine how software product businesses are being run and how business decisions are taken.

The singular goal of the ExcelShore® platform is to maximize the ROI of technology-led businesses through faster time to market, reduction in operating cost overheads, and strategic alignment of monetary resources.

ExcelShore® has been developed over the last two decades of running a successful technology business. It puts all the nuances of software product business into a comprehensive data engine to define, orchestrate, and control all the aspects that lead to the delivery of robust software products. A vast majority of software products that Cybage built for more than years of its business are under the aegis of ExcelShore® Today it’s a hallmark of continuous business success that drives Cybage’s growth and customer satisfaction.












Our customers partner with us with several business goals, and in the process, they end up executing a substantial portion of their business at Cybage. We have consistently delivered a throughput to them basis their goals set through ExcelShore® working as a software delivery model. But these Cybage customers, which are major technology-led businesses, could also have a superior competitive advantage over their competitors as soon as they decide to internalize the ExcelShore® platform into their core business. This advantage can accomplish by extending what Cybage does for the customers in their projects into their core business. The algorithms, workflows, and guiding platforms of ExcelShore® present a cockpit dashboard approach to put these decision-makers back into control to maximize their business ROI. 

As we stand today, we invite technology-led businesses to partner with us to realize their business goals. We also invite them to experience a significant business transformation leading to enhanced ROI - through power entrusted by the ExcelShore® platform.