Digital payments are at the centre of all major digital transformation initiatives, cutting across industries. The importance reflects in the number of unicorns this space has been churning out. Payment technology solutions themselves have been at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. From simple B2B digital payments, this space has now evolved into mobile wallets, alternate payment methods, and contactless payments, among others. By harvesting insights from the unprecedented volume of transaction data, organizations positively influence customer experience, introduce process efficiencies, and identify new revenue channels.

The payment technology industry is not a monolith. A payment processor's needs are vastly different from a merchant platform or a mobile wallet solution provider. These are primarily driven by customer experience and stakeholder expectations. All payment technology solutions need to be highly reliable and scalable with high-performance throughput. They also need to offer reliable support to the developer community with well-defined API specifications, rich sandbox environment, and flexibility to choose from a variety of technology for integration. Data security and regulatory compliance are an absolute must, with applicable geography differences.


Cybage has extensive experience in working with leaders in the payment technology space. We understand the multifaceted challenges faced by digital payment platform engineering teams. To cater to the challenges across all functions, our teams have the right mix of technical leadership, product management, and user experience skills. Cybage is a one-stop shop for all your platform engineering needs—modern microservices-driven cloud-native platform architecture design, sustenance engineering, managed services, and a lot more.



  • Payment processing engines
  • Payment workflow integrations
  • Alternative payment channels
  • Acquirer connections
  • Payment data insights
  • Developer sandbox & portals
  • Highly reliable systems
  • Performance management
  • Merchant onboarding
  • PCI compliance



  • Platform architecture
  • Agile engineering teams
  • Sustenance engineering
  • Customer experience
  • Product roadmaps
  • Compliance testing
  • Performance testing & management
  • Security testing & remediation