With the surge in digital media, publishing processes are now embracing digital content aggressively. Traditional print and analog-driven consumption models have transitioned to digital channels such as web, mobile, and social media. 

The publishing industry has changed, We now consume content from a variety of platforms, channels & devices. With the adoption of mobile devices and e-readers, the face of this industry is rapidly changing. Your digital footprint has to be felt across multiple channels to address the growing significance of digital subscriptions and advertising opportunities.

Cybage, with its expertise in engineering services for publishing companies, has its finger on the pulse of your business needs. Our bespoke marketing, advertising, and product-based solutions continue to help media publishers make an indelible impression.


Our Expertise


  • Content Management across platforms by leveraging Industry-leading tools, Enterprise Content Management Systems, and Bespoke Solutions
  • Editorial Workflows & Plugins
  • Content Generation, Curation & Aggregation
  • Content Recommendations, Targeting, and Contextual Suggestions
  • Rights & Contracts Management and Licensing Solutions
  • Digital Experience Development – Mobile, Web & Social
  • Subscription Management, Bundling, and Pricing Models
  • Implementation of Programmatic Ad Sales and Order Management Systems 
  • Revenue Analytics and Projections, Yield Optimization
  • Audience Engagement, Ad Retargeting and Integration with Data Management Platforms (DMP) & Customer Data Platforms (CDP) 
  • Consent Management with Customized Messaging & Optimization Tools


Did You Know?

When you join hands with Cybage, you are partnering with a U.S. leader in midmarket and expert consulting (ISG Provider LensTM Next-gen ADM services study 2020). 
Take your business to the next level. Drop us a line: business@cybage.com