Consultancy services in Cybage are highly focused on delivering tangible benefits to customers. At Cybage, you can find core cloud consultancy services with respect to cloud awareness and readiness, cloud roadmap and strategy, solution and technology Consultancy, deployment architecture design, review and security, compliance and regulatory assessment for different technology tools where process and people are the key criteria for selection.

Cloud strategy consultancy for workload and infrastructure migration, compliance and regulatory requirements, hybrid or multi-cloud, and cloud exit are the core elements.

Technology Consultancy solutions has been Cybage’s DNA for more than two decades, and we have a value delivery approach to achieve this with the help of our dedicated teams. Security, compliance and regulatory assessments are key when it comes to delivering the smallest change to the IT ecosystem. We also do cloud deployment architecture design and review with the help of our core architectural services and dedicated team members.



We bring the powerful advantage of our expertise and experience to create the digital transformation story for our clients.
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