Enterprise Mobility Solutions Strategic service aims to optimize the business roadmap and provide development and quality assurance services by continuously monitoring and evaluating each application phase during its lifecycle.

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Our Expertise


Defining Mobile Application Roadmap

With digital transformation at the heart, roadmap defining is a strategic thinking exercise considering the business goals and the strategic value towards enterprise mobility strategy.

Experts, based on their overall technology experience, evaluate the requirement on various points, such as end users, user experience, time to market, cost, functionality, existing infrastructure, complexity, maintainability, scalability, etc. so as to help choose a suitable development platform.

Architectural services

Mobile app development poses many challenges. Architectural decisions done at the early stage of design address the influence of all significant requirements and their impact on the non-functional characteristics of the application. If these are not handled, they will prove costly in terms of money and the time required to change. Our architectural services help to maintain these best practices as part of reviews and consultations.

We evaluate and identify the non-functional requirements in making the right design choices. Enforcing this decision during execution helps the business to know early the non-functional requirements that directly or indirectly impact the success of the mobile application. Identifying a suitable architectural pattern before the implementation phase from pools of popular patterns like MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, VIP, and Clean Architecture helps set a strong foundation for the long run of the mobile application life cycle.

We help to boost your confidence in your chosen architecture by executing robust methods for evaluating software architecture.  Cybage is proficient in appraising the architecture, assessing its ability to meet non-functional requirements, detecting design errors, and identifying potential architecture risks to the project early in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Performance and Security services

Every business has its presence on mobile and major interface points in the online world. Cybage offers highly reliable security testing services to clients, identifying potential vulnerabilities in their applications. Cybage security testing services follow Mobile Top 10 application security testing standards and guidelines as suggested by ‘The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)’.

Mobile Application Transformation, Re-structuring, and App Modernization services

Stay relevant and current is a technology motto. Applications which do not adapt with time, pile up their legacy technology. Enterprises will run out of business if they do not modernize these legacy applications.

Mobile enterprise application development is a continuous process and needs transformation and modernization to keep the existing user base connected and attract new users to the business. With our modernization consulting services, we analyze codebase, infrastructure, and mine the requirements to provide appropriate guidance for improvement of the application to future-proof our customer’s technology investments. 

Services and opportunities for mobile app monetization are reviewed and engineered for their effectiveness across the customer base. The modernization service involves assessment, analysis, functionality and performance enhancement, and restructuring of the existing application.

Another such example is App Store Optimization (ASO). The strategy is simple yet needs careful evaluation to meet the primary goal of making the app discoverable for potential users and package it with the right information to increase downloads.