Quality assurance service aims for a bug-free and performant application. Expert manual and automation engineers with mobile domain experience help with the implementation. We deliver:

  • Expert teams with experience in various automation tools
  • Experienced teams for assuring applications with mobile cloud testing
  • Dedicated experts for security and performance testing
  • Performance tests in a controlled lab environment.
  • Expertise in distribution tools and techniques for beta app, keeping the distribution seamless and hassle-free. The preferable beta distribution platforms are TestFlight, Google Play / Google Firebase App Distribution, and Visual Studio App Center.

Our Expertise


Plug & Play Framework brings agility and faster time to market

Our mobile automation framework accelerates testing by removing the common hurdles and enables automation for functional testing. It reduces the development time, enhancing the time-to-market, and the framework is used by many apps towards robust and secure mobile app testing services.


Reducing the cost of ownership for devices

Cybage has a shared device pool and also evaluates and sets mobile cloud testing. This shared pool facilitates mobile testing to strategize on the device coverage with a blend of top end spectrum devices and low-end devices. It helps to reduce the cost of ownership across all mobile channels of engagement.


Comprehensive On-Demand test infrastructure

On-demand test infrastructure includes pre-configured instrumentation, automation tools, test setups, mobile web deployment infrastructure, media and content test setups, NFC Readers, device simulators, TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick setups for design, development, and automation of TV, and hardware setups for testing POS applications.


Mobile app automation testing tools

These are absolute essentials for enterprises to deliver seamless integration into CI/CD tools, and continuously deploy and verify the applications for a faster time to market. Choices are often based on the support available for these tools and platforms, along with the ease of development and maintainability. Some of these popular tools are Appium, TestComplete, Calabash, Xamarin.UITest, Experitest, and XCUITest. The success of using these tools lies in how well they are integrated for test case/suite integration and defect reporting, and how these will be effectively deployed in the project’s development cycle.