Today, businesses have to quickly analyze different and large data volumes in a short time. To assist with the demands of analytics, big data platforms are implemented to ingest and process various business data sources and achieve a close real-time analysis.

Testing big data applications is distributed in nature and involves integration of multiple components. They incur additional challenges due to the volume of test data, infrastructure requirements, newer complex technologies, and different formats of data from multiple sources.

Such complexity requires a specialized validation, specific skills, techniques, deep technology, and purpose specific tooling understanding with a pragmatic approach to testing.

Our specialists provide consultations and end to end big data validation services which are highly time efficient and cost-effective. Our goal is an optimized platform for service utilization and providing better ROI to our customers.

Big data CoE (Centre of Excellence) backed test consultants continue to build expertise in the latest and upcoming test tech by focused R&D initiatives and roadmaps. They facilitate clients with an array of test frameworks and accelerators to expedite achievement of required quality and coverage.

Big data testing services portfolio


  • Collection validation
  • Cleansing validation
  • Data flow
  • Integrity
  • Interoperability
  • Aggregation validation
  • Pipeline validation
  • Batch processing
  • Real-time processing
  • Compatibility
  • Benchmarking
  • Configuration testing
  • Infra capacity sizing
  • Scalability
  • Failover
  • Recovery
  • Security



  • Focused Test Excellence Group: CoE-driven dedicated team of QA architects and big data test consultants.
  • Purpose-engineered comprehensive test procedure and process.
  • Reusable test assets: Technical test scenarios, automation frameworks, cluster validation libraries and analyzers.
  • Dedicated big data lab for R&D of QA activities.
  • Extensive test coverage: functional, automated, non-functional requirement and security.




Extended Services


Validation of architecture and building blocks                              

Functional correctness of big data ecosystem                              

Interoperability of deployment                                             

Application readiness for variability                                                           

Infrastructure cost optimization                                          

Resilience readiness                                                                         

Consultancy and Advisory service for:                                          

  • Big data test need and implementation assessment
  • Test strategy and process conceptualization
  • Test tools and platform selection
  • Metrics definition and report analysis