The convergence of the Internet and broadcast television has transformed the way viewers interact and consume content. This convergence has enabled viewers to access both broadcast and Internet content on a unified platform—a platform that allows diversity in content and interactions. 

Viewers and businesses can now engage in interactive conversations that increasingly facilitate engagement, advertising, and content consumption. This also has opened up opportunities for innovative video advertising and marketing campaigns.

Through advanced technology solutions, Cybage has helped entertainment content creators and distributors address and optimize their offerings for this space.

Our Multi-dimensional Approach


Our solutions include the development, integration, implementation, and enhancement of systems that help to manage:

  • Cloud-hosted content (audio, video, and ad) management and delivery
  • Multiplatform distribution (linear and on-demand)—web, social, mobile, smart TV, consoles, streaming media, and VOD
  • Connected TV, OTT and TV anywhere implementations
  • EPG implementations, network DVR, subscription management
  • Programmatic TV advertising for unified ad campaign management
  • VAST compliant ad replacement solutions for linear, OTT, and IPTV
  • Video ad platform development
  • Interactive advertising solutions, quizzes, podcast platforms, advergaming, and offers to drive consumer engagement via converged TV solutions
  • Reporting and forecasting – user engagement, audience segmentation, Ad metrics, and TV ratings