Application performance monitoring service involves monitoring the application behavior or user behavior with detailed information anytime and anywhere.


Application Monitoring


Monitoring these nuances using platforms such as Google Firebase, AppDynamics, Progress Kinvey and others helps with issue tracking or planning for application roadmap with data points. These monitoring services have helped many customers add or phase out functionality in the app.


Our Expertise


APM is a suite of services that helps keep the application continuously under the lens to deliver an exceptional quality without compromising on performance. Many providers have various sets of great tools and services to offer. Each application should have all tools integrated into it and take advantage of offerings such as:

  • Application experimentation with A/B testing to experiment ideas and learn the impact
  • Application stability monitoring
  • Application behavior tracking
  •  Application user behavior tracking
  • Predict future user behavior
  • Gain application insights
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Application sentiment analysis

Google Firebase has a lot to offer where the above-mentioned services are concerned. Our experience and expertise in APM services help businesses continuously monitor an application with the best combination of services that fit the requirement.