Mobile App Development Services at Cybage include expertise in developing mobile apps based on different development platforms, such as pure native app development, hybrid app development, and cross platform mobile app development.

Our Expertise


  • Native apps are developed for each platform using platform specific technology stacks such as Objective-C and Swift for iOS; Java and Kotlin for Android.
  • Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies (HTML, CSS & JavaScript). The web application loads and runs inside a WebView. It can access the device APIs using plugins (wrappers like Cordova/ PhoneGap)
  • Cross platform mobile app development is done using a common code base and common programming language for multiple platforms. The apps access native APIs and third-party SDKs through wrappers written in a common language. Popular examples are Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native.
  • Multi-experience and low-code platforms are on the rise with enterprises needing faster time to market, lower cost of maintenance, and agility for mobile apps when it comes to application or design complexity. We continuously evaluate and implement suitable options like Temenos Quantum (previously Kony) and Progress Kinvey where our customers have leveraged the platform features for their mobile app needs.