Every organization that wants to set up an RPA Center of Excellence and increase workforce productivity struggles with questions such as

  • How to find the right balance between humans and bots?
  • How to introduce a parallel workforce without disturbing existing workflows and output?
  • How to synchronize and collaborate with multiple teams?
  • Which processes are fit for RPA?

If any of these are your concerns, you have reached the right place. Cybage assists organizations in identifying & accessing their maturity of processes to a full-fledged RPA CoE setup. We can help you with our following RPA advisory services-

Implant RPA CoE and set up an automation roadmap ahead

Our RPA advisory service consultant collaborate with our client stakeholders to understand their perspectives of vision, needs, and current challenges. Based on various inputs and further analysis, we define goals, guidelines, RPA practices, and multiple teams to address different areas. Our functional and technical RPA SMEs collaborate to transform existing challenges and needs into solutions.

How do we do it?

  • RPA consultants collaborate with various client stakeholders for identifying and prioritizing business needs.
  • Solution architects access the existing infrastructure, needs, challenges and thereby help in designing scalable solutions with optimum reusability and apt tech stack
  • The RPA implementation team automates the workflows to ensure design adherence and use of best practices
  • RPA Operations Centre monitors and tracks the bot’s performance along with incident management and reporting
  • Managers collaborate among multiple teams to keep track of progress and timeline for efficient Governance.

Thus, with dedicated teams and continuously evolving practices, we ensure to build an effective RPA CoE for our clients to yield the most in their long-run vision.

Selection of processes and RPA tools for development

Different departments within an organization follows multiple processes and workflows on different platforms, and systems. For example, data entries and reporting, billing and reconciliation, and invoice and quote management. Often, selecting the right set of processes for each department can be an exhausting job. By following our evolved practices, our RPA consultants ensure to list down the right processes for target departments. Later, through process mining techniques, we shortlist eligible candidates for RPA. RPA tools are also necessary to fit well with existing platforms and systems in organizational use. RPA vision and goals help to identify the right RPA solutions for long-term benefit and ROI.

Assess maturity and ROI for identified processes

Our RPA consulting services assist our clients in determining the maturity of identified processes and their corresponding ROIs compared to existing operational costs. . Based on different predefined parameters, we understand the complexity and rules of processes. Their stability and exceptions form the basis for their eligibility as RPA candidates. Along with the current operational cost of processes, we also estimate the development, maintenance, and operating cost for the same, which helps identify its ROI over a period.

Cybage’s RPA consulting and advisory services are bespoke services specifically curated for every client needs.